Many people come to Hood River because of the one-of-a-kind beauty that you can find here. But what you will find upon visiting is the town is home to a unique community that takes their food seriously. This is particularly true when it comes to classic American hamburgers. There are so many traditional and innovative takes on this classic throughout town. The following are where to find the best burgers in Hood River.

Ranch Drive-In

Often considered the best place in town for burgers and shakes, the Ranch Drive-In is a Hood River classic. You will find a straightforward menu here, with the many different classic burger options with things like bacon, ranch dressing, and more. The quality lies in exceptional ingredients and experienced chefs. The juiciest patties in town meet lightly toasted buns and fresh toppings for one of the most enjoyable burger-eating experiences in town. Find it at 1950 12th St.

Twin Peaks Drive-In

This is a charming place for a delicious meal, especially if you are looking for a burger. The menu is characterized by plenty of great burger options. You can always go with the classic that ranges anywhere from a 2.5 oz patty to a massive 1/2-pound patty. If you are feeling adventurous, go for the Cherry Pepper Burger or the Chili Burger. Find these awesome burgers at 1734 Tucker Rd.

Wicked Sushi, Burgers, Bowls

You will not find a more diverse menu in all of Hood River, but the burgers tend to steal the show here. The basic burger adds their house-made special sauce to a classic, making something new and exciting out of something traditional. You can also find the Hank Burger which is made with a fried egg, bacon, house sauce, and more. This is certainly the most interesting place to try a burger in Hood River. Find it at 103 4th street.

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