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If you’re looking for a cozy Hood River, Oregon rentals, look no further than our awesome one-bedroom Mt Hood, OR vacation rentals. Whether you prefer a condo or a small house, we’ve got the place you need for a romantic retreat, special occasion, or outdoorsy adventure trip. Check out Hood River for your next vacation destination!

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Mt Hood, OR Vacation Rentals: Room for Two or More

Traveling solo? Plenty of space. As a couple? We have something cozy for you. Small family looking for a yard? We’ve got you covered! Our one-bedroom vacation homes have a variety of amenities to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for extra beds to fit the family, or a great location just steps from Hood River bars and restaurants.

The Hood River Region

When you’re not relaxing in our cozy Hood River Oregon rentals, discover this amazing area. Just on the Oregon side of the Oregon-Washington border, the town of Hood River sits at the confluence of the Columbia and Hood Rivers, in the scenic Columbia River Gorge. With picturesque Mount Hood in the background, this town’s natural beauty is hard to beat.

But there’s more: the Hood River is famous for being a hub of outdoor recreation, such as hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking, as well as becoming increasingly known for windsurfing as well. While windsurfing may not be for everyone, we can all enjoy watching the incredible feats of these fine athletes; peak time for it is in the middle of the day. Just follow Second Street to the waterfront! There’s also a protected harbor in which beginners can learn safely, if you do want to try.

Cider and Vineyards and Festivals, oh my!

You will find plenty of things to do nearby our Mt Hood, OR vacation rentals. The Hood River region has long been known for its fine agricultural products such as apples and pears, as well as wine-producing vineyards. But in recent years, its agricultural festivals have also drawn much acclaim: visit in April for the Hood Valley Hard-Pressed Cider Fest, and in October for the Hood River Hops Fest. If you’re not a drinker, don’t worry: the region’s abundant farms and markets will still keep you very busy with all the apples and pears you can possibly enjoy!

Charming Farm Stops with Rustic Flair

Even the most dedicated urbanite will find themselves longing for wide-open spaces once they encounter the beauty of Hood River. Offering visitors an exquisite balance between downtown shopping and the natural wonder of rivers, valleys and mountains, it’s hard to resist the charm of this captivating city. There are several stops in the area that perfectly capture the essence of Hood River and are worth making time to see for yourself. When you’re here, swing by The Apple Valley Country Store on Tucker Road and taste their one-of-a-kind Huckleberry milkshakes! While you’re at it, feel free to give the many featured pastries and jams a try as well. Don’t forget to purchase a souvenir apron on your way out.

Equally charming is an afternoon stop at Lavender Valley. Located on Boneboro Road, this floral farm lets visitors pick their own Lavender bouquets while enjoying gorgeous mountain views in the open fields of blooms. It’s a picturesque stop that pleases the mind and the senses.

Creative Art Destinations

During your stay in one of our Mt Hood OR vacation rentals, you will find the area has a way of inspiring the creative mind in everyone. Whether it’s the beauty of the natural world or the quaint ambiance delivered up downtown, there’s something about this place that puts a new perspective on life. In the name of newfound inspiration, make sure to stop at Glassometry Studios on Lower Mill Drive. This stunning gallery features glass-based pieces crafted by local artisans that range across the spectrum of functional, decorative and spiritual. Come to browse but don’t hesitate to purchase a piece that speaks to you. It’s a mesmerizing experience in color and a wonderful way to spend an afternoon in Hood River.

If you’re in the mood for getting creative with friends and family, book a session at Joy’s Art Studio on 13th Street. This is a studio dedicated to friendly canvas painting sessions with the whole family. If it’s a girl’s day out, feel free to include wine and make it a fun and artistic endeavor to remember!

Organic Shopping

When you’re in the mood for an eco-friendly afternoon in Hood River, stop by Hood River U-Pick Organic on Royal Anne Drive for an opportunity to choose delicious food independently on a beautiful, family farm. Visitors are invited to pick their own organic fare and with an abundance of cherries, raspberries, blueberries and apples to choose from, there’s sure to be something sweet for everyone!

Year-Round Skiing?

Why yes, you can! If windsurfing and mountain biking aren’t your cup of tea, check out nearby Mount Hood. It offers four ski resort areas, including the country’s only year-round ski resort. Ride the chair lift next to pros on Hood’s Palmer snowfield, a glacial anomaly that allows year-round slope action.

Browse our collection of Hood River Oregon rentals today! Contact our team for more information on the best attraction, activities and events this area has to offer!