People travel to Palm Springs for a wide variety of reasons. Most of them revolve around living the life of luxury with great activities and relaxation. While you can generally count on beautiful weather throughout your stay, as with any place, there comes time when the rain comes. Have no fear though, as there are so many things you can still take advantage of even during the biggest storms. The following are some of the most awesome things to do in Palm Springs on a rainy day.

Hit the Spa

Palm Springs is a great vacation destination largely because it is a place that offers endless ways to relax. One of the best ways to relax is to visit one of the many world class spas in the area. Take advantage of Swedish massages, facials, deep tissue massages, beauty treatments, mud baths, hot stone therapy, and anything else you can imagine. Some of the most popular spas are Estrella Spa at 415 S Belardo Rd. and Palm Springs Massage at 471 E Tahquitz Canyon Way, but you can find countless more.


To stay with the luxurious theme, Palm Springs is among the best places in the world for shopping. You will find incredible outlets that feature both your favorite national spots as well as some local shops that are completely unique to Palm Springs. You can spend an entire day exploring the Desert Hills Premium Outlet as well as the Cabazon Outlet, among others.

Visit The Palm Springs Art Museum

The local community features a great deal of creativity and more importantly, a great respect for creativity. That is why your rainy is perfect for exploring countless galleries throughout town. The Palm Springs Art Museum is always good for an enchanting experience at 101 N Museum Drive. You can also find many unique galleries featuring countless mediums in the downtown area.

Find a Luxurious Vacation Home

It is always a good idea to find a beautiful place to call home while in Palm Springs, but it is especially important when you are dealing with rainy weather. Homes provided by Arrived are among the best pieces of real estate that you will find throughout the town, and that is saying something. These homes are beautiful and packed with endless amenities, so a day spent indoors is still a day well spent. You can count on cozy furniture, spacious rooms, a luxurious kitchen, bathrooms fit for a king, and plenty of patio and balcony space for relaxing and taking in the storm. Contact us and take your vacation to the next level by finding your perfect vacation home with Arrived!

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