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If you are looking for the perfect vacation destination where you can safely isolate yourself from others and still have a great time, look no further than Hood River. This Oregon destination is the perfect spot to have a blast away from others. Here are some of our favorite isolated Hood River activities for you to enjoy:

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Enjoy Hood River

Hood River is named after the river running through the area that provides all kinds of fun and excitement. There is so much you can do on the water, including stand up paddle boarding, catamaran sailing, kayaking, and more. Hood River is known as the unofficial windsurfing capital of the country with many exciting events happening throughout the year. Rent a kayak or SUP from one of the local rental shops located near the river. Hood River is big enough to where you can paddle out onto the water and keep plenty of distance between yourself and others. Once it is safe to be near others again, you can always book a few lessons with local master trainers for windsurfing!

Hit the Hood River Trails

If you are looking to avoid people while tackling Hood River trails, you have many options available. Hood River has over 29 active trails in the area for you to check out. Popular trails such as McNeil Point Trail and Lost Lake Butte Trail offer incredible views from elevated positions but can be busy during the summer season. Instead, keep to the less active trails to avoid others and maintain your isolation. Rainy Lake and Green Point Mountain Trail is a moderate trail that is approximately 12 miles in length. The trail is less trafficked compared to others but still provides a great view outdoors.

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Order Your Favorite Food

Many restaurants continue to provide carryout orders for those who want great food without the crowds. Enjoy local favorites such as Solstice Wood Fire Pizza, where you can order delicious Tuscan style eats. Or place an order with Hood River Taqueria for delicious Mexican food and some margaritas. These restaurants each provide food to go; take it back to the privacy of your vacation rental for a tasty meal with your travel companions!

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Isolation Done Right in Hood River

As you can see, there is plenty of Hood River activities while you continue to maintain isolation from others. Call today to find your perfect vacation rental and see how we can help you experience a refreshing vacation getaway.

It can be easy to go out every night and find something for dinner at one of the many local Hood River restaurants. However, if you want a dining experience that will bring the family closer together, we recommend cooking up something in your vacation rental. Each property offers all of the utensils and appliances you need to create the perfect home cooked meal. Here are three simple recipes your family will enjoy on your Hood River getaway:

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Fried Rice

It’s no secret that many Americans enjoy Chinese fried rice. It is rich, flavorful, and simple to make. All you need to do is cook up your favorite style of rice, then fry it on the stove top. What really brings out the flavor is a mixture of soy sauce and other oils that is stirred into the rice. Make sure to throw in vegetables like carrots, peas, and anything else you enjoy. Crack an egg or two into the pan and you have a ready-to-eat meal for your family!

Taco Bar

Everyone loves a little Mexican food for dinner. Make it simple and easy with a taco bar set up on the kitchen counter. You can cook up ground meat on the stove, then have all the toppings laid out at the ready on the side. Let your family stuff their tacos full of their protein of choice, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, onion, and whatever else they love. This type of meal is easy to set up and just as easy to clean up too.

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Spaghetti Night

Fill up the whole family with a simple yet extremely delicious spaghetti night. Pasta is the way to anyone’s heart, whether you are making a romantic meal for two or enough food for a large family. Your vacation rental will have pots and pans to boil up your pasta and cook the sauce on the side. No pasta dish is complete without some freshly shredded parmesan cheese on top.

Where to Find Your Groceries

Hood River is home to two different supermarkets where you can find all of your ingredients. Rosauers Supermarkets is found at 1867 12th St., while Safeway can be found at 2249 Cascade Ave.

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Your Hood River Getaway

Now is the perfect time to start planning your Hood River getaway. Let our vacation rentals host your next family vacation or romantic getaway. Give us a call and find the perfect rental for your next stay in Hood River!

As summer fades into a distant memory, the winter season rolls into Hood River, bringing cool weather and a dramatic change to the landscape. Spending the winter in Hood River is a special occasion that deserves to be spend the best way possible. Here are Hood River activities to enjoy during the winter season:

Outdoor Adventure

Just because it is winter does not mean you cannot enjoy the outdoor activities for which Hood River is known. You will want to bundle up against the elements, but the views will be more than worth it! Visit the Columbia River Gorge Natural Scenic Area. You will have access to world class hiking trails, kayak streams, and ski trails. Traverse the wilderness with cross-country skiing, hike to find the picturesque views, or find the waterfalls hidden around the area. The winter season can easily be spent outdoors in Hood River.

Venture to Mount Hood

We briefly mentioned that skiing can be accessed in Hood River, but you will not believe the quality of winter sports that are available here. Mount Hood provides some of the best kept skiing trails in the Pacific Northwest. This winter wonderland provides rental gear so you can travel light and leave your pair of skis back home. If Mount Hood is a little too busy for your taste (it can get busy in the winter), make the short trek over to
Pocket Creek for quieter trails.

Cut Your Own Christmas Tree

There are not too many places left in the country where you can go and cut down your own Christmas tree. The magic still lives on in Hood River at Hamburg’s 4D Tree Farm, where you can pick out your own tree to take back with you. Your family will start their own family tradition by picking out a tree together. Additional holiday events will take place around the city including Christmas caroling, finding Santa around downtown activities, and more. Simply put, Hood River is the ideal destination for any winter getaway, whether it is for the holidays or just to escape the daily grind.

More Hood River Activities to Enjoy

Get a better understanding on why Hood River is the best winter getaway by reserving one of our exclusive vacation rentals in the area. Each property is privately owned and makes it easy to avoid the busy resorts in the area. Call today and find the perfect rental and to learn more about Hood River activities.


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