Hood River is the center of fun and excitement as our sprawling namesake provides nearly endless fun and activities throughout the year. The river itself is popular with frequent visitors who wish to try their hands at the ever-popular water sports or simply relax by the shore. Try out something different with some unusual Hood River activities that are only available in this area.

Make a Trip to Steigerwald Lake

Escape the busy river and take a short drive out of the area to the Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge. This peaceful wildlife refuge is home to countless local animals who call the park home. The refuge is especially popular for songbirds who tweet out their harmonies for those who make the early morning trek. Hiking enthusiasts will enjoy a simple yet scenic one-mile hike that will take you right to the rim of the Columbia River.

See the Rushing Waters at Dry Creek Falls

Hood River may not have any thundering falls right off the river, but you can find just that about 30 miles outside of town. The Dry Creek Falls is a local favorite that is not often visited by tourists new to the area. The waterfall is approximately 230 feet in height and is a very peaceful scene to see up close in person. The Pacific Crest Trail is what you will take to reach the falls and is approximately two miles in length. Regular hikers should not have to worry as the trail is perfect for beginners and experienced hikers alike.

Visit the Dalles Community

Take a step back in time by visiting the local Dalles community that originated during the Lewis and Clark Expedition from the 1800s. Almost 70 historic buildings can be found here and are perfectly preserved for viewing. Locals often make their way to the Baldwin Saloon that was built in 1876 and can be seen right from the main street. You will find a healthy menu of juicy steaks and delicious seafood here along with many other entrees to enjoy.

Find The Best Unusual Hood River Activities Like a Local

The greater Hood River area is an incredible opportunity to see more than just the popular attractions known to all the tourists. Choose our vacation rentals to keep you close to all of the unusual Hood River activities in the area while enjoying luxury amenities and much more. Call our rental experts today and find the perfect rental to host you and your family in Hood River.


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