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If you are looking for the perfect vacation destination where you can safely isolate yourself from others and still have a great time, look no further than Hood River. This Oregon destination is the perfect spot to have a blast away from others. Here are some of our favorite isolated Hood River activities for you to enjoy:

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Enjoy Hood River

Hood River is named after the river running through the area that provides all kinds of fun and excitement. There is so much you can do on the water, including stand up paddle boarding, catamaran sailing, kayaking, and more. Hood River is known as the unofficial windsurfing capital of the country with many exciting events happening throughout the year. Rent a kayak or SUP from one of the local rental shops located near the river. Hood River is big enough to where you can paddle out onto the water and keep plenty of distance between yourself and others. Once it is safe to be near others again, you can always book a few lessons with local master trainers for windsurfing!

Hit the Hood River Trails

If you are looking to avoid people while tackling Hood River trails, you have many options available. Hood River has over 29 active trails in the area for you to check out. Popular trails such as McNeil Point Trail and Lost Lake Butte Trail offer incredible views from elevated positions but can be busy during the summer season. Instead, keep to the less active trails to avoid others and maintain your isolation. Rainy Lake and Green Point Mountain Trail is a moderate trail that is approximately 12 miles in length. The trail is less trafficked compared to others but still provides a great view outdoors.

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Order Your Favorite Food

Many restaurants continue to provide carryout orders for those who want great food without the crowds. Enjoy local favorites such as Solstice Wood Fire Pizza, where you can order delicious Tuscan style eats. Or place an order with Hood River Taqueria for delicious Mexican food and some margaritas. These restaurants each provide food to go; take it back to the privacy of your vacation rental for a tasty meal with your travel companions!

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Isolation Done Right in Hood River

As you can see, there is plenty of Hood River activities while you continue to maintain isolation from others. Call today to find your perfect vacation rental and see how we can help you experience a refreshing vacation getaway.

Experience the Pacific Northwest the way it was mean to be enjoyed with a luxury getaway to Hood River. This Oregon city is the perfect location to escape life’s routine and unwind. Here is how you can plan for an unforgettable luxury Hood River getaway:

Columbia Wine Tours

When one thinks of luxury, it is easy to picture a classic vintage of your favorite wine. Hood River has several local wineries that offer up their own exquisite vintages that all need to be tried. Book with Columbia Wine Tours for a small group or private wine tour that must be experienced to be believed. Hood River is in the heart of the Columbia Gorge with the climate providing the perfect harvest of grapes. See what these local wineries can offer by calling Columbia Wine Tours at 541-350-9850 to set up your next private wine tour.

Visit the Waterfalls

Hood River is also known for its beautiful waterfalls surrounding the area. Continue your luxury getaway with a visit to one of these waterfalls. Punchbowl Falls is one of the most popular trails in the area. The trails are easy enough for you to have plenty of energy to enjoy the waterfalls and take a dip in the cool waters below. The sharp drop-offs can provide incredible views, but those with a fear of heights might want to view them from a distance.

Fine Dining at Celilo Restaurant & Bar

When in Hood River it is important to choose a restaurant that uses locally sourced ingredients for their entrees. Celilo Restaurant & Bar offers a fine dining experience with local ingredients and decadent meals. Enjoy a healthy selection of house made pasta, freshly caught seafood, New York steak, and more. Many locals report that the atmosphere does not get any better that Celilo. Call Celilo Restaurant & Bar at 541-386-5710 to reserve a table and make sure to get there early for a handmade cocktail. The restaurant is open Monday through Thursday at 5:00pm and Friday through Sunday at 11:30am.

Luxury Stay in Hood River

Do not settle for anything less than luxury when you vacation in Hood River. Choose from our select luxury rentals including the Vista Retreat and Alizes for incredible amenities and privacy that other rental providers cannot match. It is as easy as letting us reserve you the perfect luxury rental for your getaway to Hood River.


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If you only have 48 hours to enjoy the wonders of Hood River, Oregon, it can be difficult to only choose a certain number of activities to keep you busy. Hood River is an outdoor enthusiast’s haven with mild temperatures nine months out of the year. Here are the best Hood River activities for your 48 hours in the area:

Fuel Your Morning

Your morning ritual of finding your local caffeine hot spot will be easy with Hood River’s impressive selection. Local coffee experts at Ground hand-roast their beans from a variety of countries, making sure they provide the flavor you are looking for. Enjoy a black coffee or have them whip up one of your favorite espresso beverages.
Explore the Columbia River Gorge

Hood River is featured across the 80-mile region of waterfalls and green scenery called the Columbia River Gorge. You can take a beautiful hike upon the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail. You will enjoy delightful views of gorgeous waterfalls bigger than any others in the area and rise over 4,000 feet for incredible views.

Grab a Drink

Oregon is one of the microbrewery capitals of the country, with over 100 independent establishments in the state. Hood River is home to three of the most celebrated breweries in the state that deserve your attention. You may have seen one of Full Sail Brewing Company’s delicious concoctions in a local BevMo, but you have not experienced it from the source. Enjoy one of their free daily tours and delicious grub menu. Also, do not forget to check out pFriem Family Brewers for Belgian-inspired beers and Double Mountain Brewery and Taproom for a vast selection of seasonal and one-off brews. If beer is not your beverage of choice, check out one of the area’s many wineries that also call Hood River their home.

Hood River Activities Downtown

You will not find a more unique selection of shops, restaurants, and bars than in downtown Hood River. Spend a carefree afternoon in one of the local art studios, read the historic placards found spread out detailing the town’s founding, get your vacation shopping in, and much more! Hood River is the perfect 48-hour romantic getaway or short trip with the kids.

Book with Arrived

If you are ready for the fun Hood River activities and amazing sights of the area make sure you book with Arrived to find the perfect vacation rental. Our expert staff will help you find the most comfortable stay that will keep you close to all of the action in Hood River. Give us a call today to book your next vacation rental and start planning activities for your 48-hour weekend excursion!


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