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If you are looking for an unforgettable holiday getaway this year look no further than Hood River, Oregon. This holiday destination is named after the adjacent river and features an incredible array of activities and attractions that will make your holiday Hood River vacation one to remember.


The summer season around the 4thof July is the perfect time to enjoy the popular sport of windsurfing. In fact, Hood River is known as the windsurfing capitol of the world due to the perfect wind conditions year-round. The warm temperatures of summer make the water refreshing for windsurfing.

Incredible Trails

If you enjoy time in nature, Hood River has so much waiting for you. While you may be celebrating the 4th of July on just a single day during your stay, fill up the rest of your itinerary with hikes around the gorgeous trails. These trails are perfect for hiking and mountain biking that will take you to incredible views that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

Holiday Themed Events

You will find entertaining events that focus on each of the year’s holidays during your Hood River vacation. Take the kids to meet the Easter Bunny at the Columbia Gorge Hotel & Spa. The kids will love meeting the Easter Bunny and participating in a thrilling Easter egg hunt. The adults will get to sit back and relax with the Easter buffet featuring unlimited courses of delicious food. No 4th of July celebration would be complete without an incredible display of fireworks and activities to enjoy. The town starts with the Lions Independence Day Parade as it takes over the streets of Hood River. Participate in the 7-mile Fun Run that morning to invigorate your day. Finally, the night ends with a dazzling show of fireworks that will reflect off the water of Hood River for an unbelievable experience.

Thriving Craft Beer and Wine Scene

While the kids will enjoy all of these exciting activities during your holiday getaway to Hood River, there is also plenty for the adults to enjoy on their own too. Craft breweries such as Full Sail Brewing and pFriem Family Brewers are some of the local favorites. Also, make sure to stop in Viento Wines and Cathedral Ridge Winery for locally-produced wine that makes a great gift to bring home. You will not find incredible adult beverages like these anywhere else!

Your Hood River Vacation Destination

These four reasons to visit Hood River during your next holiday are only a fraction of what is available. Book one of our exclusive vacation rentals online today and reserve a private home featuring resort like amenities and features. Let us help you make the most of your holiday Hood River vacation.


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