Nowhere is more relaxing than a log cabin! We have all the cozy vibes of a mountain log cabin with the modern amenities of a luxury property warped up into one. If this sounds like exactly what you want this upcoming holiday season, check out 7 Grizzly. This beautiful and charming 2-bedroom Sunriver property is large enough for you, 5 friends, and even your pup!



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Common Space

As soon as you walk into the home, you will marvel at the unique wooden beams on the ceiling, the open floor plan, and the comfortable atmosphere. Curl up on the cozy couch in the living room or sit in the loveseat as you read a book. You can then walk just a few steps to the kitchen to prepare a meal for you and your friend to snack on while you wait to go hiking on one of the nearby trails.

If you are feeling a bit hungrier, why not make a five-course dinner in the spacious and functional kitchen for you to enjoy with your mates at the dining room table? We are confident they will love it!

You can also sit at one of the few bar stools on the granite countertop and have some cocktails before heading out on the town for a night out. The possibilities are endless!



After a long day of tackling the slopes, going hiking, and walking around the incredible nature, we bet you are feeling a bit tired. We don’t blame you! But don’t worry — we offer ample sleeping areas so you can always feel refreshed, relaxed, and ready to tackle the next day.

Head to one of the bedrooms to curl up under the plush bedding, rest your head on fluffy pillows, and wash the dirt off your feet in the nearby shower. Talk about luxury!

The other bedroom is ideal for teens, kids, or couples. The bedroom features a large bed and two twin bunk beds, which is great for kids who want their own independence and private space to feel like they are truly adults on this vacay with the family!


Outdoor Space

One of the main perks of this functional and stylish Sunriver property is the outdoor space. When you live in this beautiful location, it is impossible not to want to spend all your time in the great outdoors. Head out to the deck and hop in the hot tub after a long day of hiking, biking, or kayaking. We know that your aching muscles will thank you as you slide under the bubbling water and truly relax with your friends.


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