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North Folk Trail Hike

An intense trail that is as renowned for its difficulty as it is its natural beauty, North Fork Trail is located about two hours westward from Sunriver, along the 97 North and the 58 East highways. Find out more details below about what makes hiking the North Fork Trail such a tremendous experience worth having during your Sunriver vacation!


Immerse Yourself the Scenic Landscape of Deschutes National Forest

After leaving Sunriver and taking the 97 North and the 58 East, you should arrive at the trailhead for the first segment of the North Fork Trail, located near the town of Westfir, McLane Creek, and Catching Reservoir.

Though North Fork Trail isn’t the longest trail in the Deschutes National Forest, it might feel that way while you’re hiking on it due to its immensely challenging nature. This trail is not for the uninitiated hiker, that’s for sure. However, should you and your guests be experienced hikers in healthy condition with stamina to spare, the hike on North Fork Trail is immeasurably rewarding.

Spanning five miles, this out and back hiking trail sees light traffic from hikers, trail runners, and mountain bikers. It has an elevation gain of over 960 feet, making it a dramatic climb.

North Fork Trail offers you and your guests the chance to experience a challenging climb in the midst of some of Central Oregon’s most stunning natural locales. Keep an eye out for picturesque vistas and majestic wildlife as you ascend the trail. The trail is known for its rapids and waterfalls, surrounded by thick swathes of towering trees.

Like most hiking trails, the North Fork Trail is best taken during the milder months of June through September, when the weather is warmer.

You find North Fork Trail at Westfir, OR 97492. You can learn more information by calling the Deschutes National Forest office at (541) 383-5300, or by speaking with our representatives at Arrived Now.


Arrived Now – Experience the North Fork Trail

Our reservation specialists can offer you more information on hiking on the North Fork Trail, as well as other one-of-a-kind destinations in Sunriver. Contact us today to book one of our vacation rentals!


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