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Fall River Falls

Just down the road from Sunriver flows Fall River, a tributary of the Deschutes River tucked away within the scenic splendor of LaPine State Park. Hike along Fall River Trail and you’ll be treated to a majestic sight: the waterfalls known as Fall River Falls. Learn more below about what makes Fall River Falls Oregon hikes worth checking out during your stay!

The Fall River Falls is a Family-Friendly Hike Near Sunriver

There are two ways to access the Fall River Trail: take Highway 97 or take South Century Drive. From Sunriver, South Century Drive is generally the quicker route. Just be sure to use your GPS, as the turn sneaks up on you quickly! You’ll want to make the first left turn after the sign for LaPine State Park. Follow the road and you will reach the trailhead.

Once you’ve parked, follow the trail. You can hear the water immediately, but it’s actually a rapid. Keep going on the easy, flat, quarter-mile hike and you’ll come upon Fall River Falls. The base of the falls is encompassed by a lovely meadow, where many visitors choose to stop for a picnic. You can even touch the side of the falls from the base, where the water runs extremely cold and clear.

It’s an easygoing yet beautiful hike that’s perfectly suited for visitors of all ages because of its easy accessibility, flat terrain, short distance, and lack of terrain. Because of the relaxed nature of this hike and its excellent payoff with a stunning view, the hike to Fall River Falls is quite popular.

Should you wish to explore the Fall River Loop within LaPine State Park, you’ll find a nearly 6-mile trail that follows the river and is great for hikers of all abilities and experience levels. Dogs are allowed on the trail. The trail is also popular for fly fishing. It’s best to take the Fall River Loop during the months of April until November.

For more information on Fall River Falls Oregon hikes, call (541) 536-2428 or speak with one of our representatives at Arrived Now.

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