We have always considered ourselves lucky to be able to live where we do, no matter what the season, but to many of us, and to many of our guests, Hood River in the winter is the most magical time of year! Beautiful and romantic, we try to spend as much time outside in the snow as we can,and when our fingers and toes get too cold, we come inside to warm up by the fire. Offering the best of all worlds, here are some of the top reasons you should consider Hood River for your Hood River winter vacation destination!

Schussing the Slopes

Whereas many ski towns only offer one option for skiing, Hood River doubles your choices! Mt. Hood Meadows is where the serious skiers can be found on a winter afternoon, or for those who are just beginning to discover their love for the sport, Cooper Spur Resort is where you want to go for easy slopes and tubing adventures! And because our mountain town believes choices are good, sledding enthusiasts can be found at Little Jon Sno Park and nearby White River Sno Park as well!

Frozen Waterfalls in the Hood River Winter

If you have ever experienced an ice storm, you have a basic understanding of the beauty this weather phenomenon can bring into your life, but even the most stunning ice storm pales in the face of a frozen Tamana was Waterfall. Easily accessed via Highway 35, the sight of the powerful torrent of water frozen in mid-air is worth venturing out to see, even on the coldest of days. Waucoma

Bookstore, 212 Oak Street

Ok, we admit, the Waucoma Bookstore is a place that is fun to explore no matter what the season, but there is something extra special about browsing the shelves of this 42-year-old establishment as the snow falls outside. You’ll feel warm and cozy as you flip through the books that made your childhood so great and new ones that are about to improve your life as an adult.Do yourself a favor and at least glance through the ones that talk about Hood River’s history;our past is a huge part of what has made us so wonderful today!

Staying Warm and Cozy in Our Arrived Now Vacation Escapes

As you pull a chair closer to the window and open up that book you bought from Waucoma’s, you’ll feel a sense of warmth and well being overtake you. Our homes are designed to keep out the cold,and your decision to choose us for your vacation accommodations may be just about the best decision you’ve made this year. Reserve your stay with us today!


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