The Riverdell home is a spacious, modern, and beautiful home that is large enough for you and 5 of your very best friends! Forget spending time in a cramped hotel or hostel, as this spacious Hood River property features 2 plush bedrooms and 2 modern bathrooms for you to share with your family or friends.

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Comfortable Living Room

If you need to take a load off when you walk in the home, then lie down on the leather couch and prop your feet up on the unique coffee table. Or you can sit in one of the two leather chairs to read a book or watch your favorite show on the TV before heading out on the town.

We also love the open-air feel and the open floor plan of this house, which makes it easy for you to interact with one another and never feel too crowded. The kitchen features ample counter space, storage cabinets, new appliances, and tons of floor space for you to easily whip up a few pancakes for breakfast, sandwiches for a casual lunch, or ice-cold cocktails for a fun happy hour.

Dining Room Area

If you want to sit down and have a nice meal with one another, then the dining room table adjacent to the kitchen is ideal for sharing memories, telling stories, and splitting appetizers. This table is also big enough for you to play a game of cards on a rare rainy day or play a board game with your kids late at night. Plus, remote workers can use the dining room table or the counter and the stools to send a few emails or take a conference call with their colleagues.

Cozy Bedroom

Feeling tired after a long travel day? There are 2 bedrooms for you to choose from! The master bedroom features a large, king-sized bed with a plush mattress, cozy pillows, and warm bedding. Even if you come to Florida on a winter holiday, you will never feel cold or uncomfortable curled up under these covers! Plus, rest assured your guests will have a full 8 hours of sleep as they stay in the second bedroom, complete with storage space, a chair, and a cozy bed.

One of the main perks of staying in our Riverdell Hood River property is the views right from your front door! The house overlooks the bright blue lake and features rolling hills of lush green pine trees and white-capped mountains in the distance. Talk about relaxing!

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