Are you interested in staying in a relaxing and comfortable place for you and a few other friends to chill out, spend quality time with one another, and explore the nearby area? Then we have the ideal spot for you! Head to Cliffs 4209 in the 1-bedroom, 2-bathroom Princeville property with tons of space for you and 3 best friends or family members.


Common Space

As soon as you walk into the condo, you will marvel at the cozy furniture, laid-back vibes, cute artwork, and low lighting. The comfortable couch is large enough for you to lie down, watch a movie on the flat-screen TV, or take a midday nap. You can put your coffee on the couch-side table, place your glass of wine on the coffee table, or prop your feet up on the table to chill out and play a game of cards with your friends. Or sit in a cozy chair and gaze out of the large windows to see the beach right in front of your house!

Next, you can make some snacks and appetizers for you and your guests to share with one another. Sit at the four-person glass dining room table with wicker chairs to enjoy fresh fruit, sip on some cocktails, or have a nice dinner with your pals while you chat about what to do for the upcoming trip in this beautiful area.


Modern Kitchen

If you run out of food, or you need to make a few drinks for your friends for an upcoming happy hour celebration, then head to the modern kitchen to utilize the counter space, grab some ingredients out of the cabinets, use the new appliances, and make use of the functional floor space, the open floor plan, large windows, and great views make the kitchen feel even bigger than it already is!

You can heat up leftovers in the microwave, use the stove and oven to make fresh vegetables, utilize the coffee pot to make a fresh pot of coffee in the morning to wake up slowly and store your fresh produce in the fridge. Talk about convenience!


Cozy Bedrooms

Finally, the cozy bedroom is great for getting a full 8 hours of sleep. Curl up in the large bed and pull the soft linens over you to doze off, get a great night of sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to explore the area. When you use Arrived, you can rest assured that every detail in a Princeville property is taken care of, so you never have to worry about anything during your stay.


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