Are you looking to unwind, kick back, and relax with a few of your best friends? Boy, do we have a place for you. It can be hard to find hostels, hotels, and Airbnbs that have enough space and room for you and your pals to hang out with one another, watch TV, and play board games.

But, when you stay with us at Arrived, we offer large, luxurious, and spacious Palm Springs properties that have everything you need — and more — to have the best vacation possible. Our Mountain Breeze home in Palm Springs isn’t just right in the heart of the best weather and things to do, but it also offers ample outdoor and indoor space for you to use at your leisure.

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Outside Space

Head outside and have a nice al fresco lunch while you are basking in the sunshine. Feel the cold ocean breeze on your face, feel the sunshine beaming down as you get a tan, and sit outside at the large lunch table to share a meal with your friends. You can use the barbecue to cook an al fresco meal and chat about plans for the upcoming day.

Interior Space

The inside space of this Palm Springs property is cozy, comfortable, and stylish. Sit on the comfortable ivy room couch and watch your favorite flick or movie on the smart TV. Or you can sit with your pals at the comfortable and plush small footstools and chat about what to do during vacation, play a game of cards, or read during a mid-day sun break.

We keep the interior space cozy and cool, so you never feel hot or overwhelmed when it is boiling outside. The large TV, ample seating areas, and laid-back vibe are great for hanging out with one another, sharing stories, and cooling off after a day at the beach.

Modern Kitchen

Plus, we have a modern kitchen with tons of floor space, cabinets, and new appliances for you to use to cook up a quick breakfast, make a healthy lunch, or serve up appetizers to pair with your glasses of wine or ice-cold beers. The kitchen island features ample granite countertop space for you to cut up fresh food, serve drinks, and chat with your pals.

Use Arrived today to book the holiday house of your dreams. The laid-back interior space, ample outside deck area, and proximity to all there is to do makes this one of the best properties in the entire Sunshine State.

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