Are you in the mood for a modern, spacious, luxurious, and excellent home for you and your partner or best friend to share during your stay in Palm Springs? Well, look no further! We know that there are dozens of hostels, hotels, and Airbnb that might catch your attention, but they are often overpriced, underdeliver, and in inconvenient locations around South Palm Springs. However, we offer stylish accommodation that is right in the heart of the randy and bustling South Palm Springs, making it the ideal hub for you and a friend or partner to spend a fun weekend exploring the beautiful coastline.

Check out the Mid-Century Pad-Ocotillo Lodge, featuring one bedroom and one bathroom that is big enough and modern enough for you and your pal to enjoy a fun and exciting vacation in the Old World part of the Sunshine State. As soon as you see this Palm Springs getaway, you will immediately ogle at the bright and welcoming aura and large windows that make the property feel even bigger than it already is!



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Cozy Living Room

After a long day of traveling or surfing and swimming on the beach, we know that you want to come home and relax. However, this can be hard in a stuffy and drab hotel room. That is why we take pride in our furnishings and decorations to make you feel right at home. The living room features a large plush couch that is great for taking a midday nap or curling up with your partner and watching TV.

You can use the coffee table to play a board game or a game of cards with your mate as you have a few cocktails in the evening. The two comfortable chairs are also great for reading a book or watching a movie while you wind down at night.


Outdoor Space

If you are in the mood to get even more of a bronzed tan, then open the sliding glass door to the private outdoor space to sit at the table and read a book, enjoy an al fresco lunch, or open the umbrella and sit under the shade as you read a book, work on your laptop, or enjoy a chilled-out happy hour with your pal.


Modern Kitchen

Another thing that we love about the Palm Springs getaway here is the open floor plan that connects the entranceway with the outdoor space, cozy living room, and modern kitchen. The white walls and ceilings, and the open floor plan, make this ‘pad’ feel huge!

Plus, with the modern appliances and granite countertop in the kitchen, we guarantee you will love spending time here making snacks, whipping up drinks, or turning on the coffee pot for a fresh cup of brew in the morning. The kitchen features an oven, stove, refrigerator, freezer, microwave, and small dining room table that we like for romantic date nights or casual breakfast meals.


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