Vacation is a time to kick back, relax, and stay somewhere that you can truly relax. There is nothing worse than showing up to an accommodation only to be disappointed by the lack of amenities, drab interior, loud neighbors, and unmotivated staff. This may have happened to you in the past, so how can you prevent this from occurring again?

Well, choosing a reputable and honest vacation company can help you avoid any mishaps. When you work with us at Arrived, you can rest assured that no matter what home you choose, we are there with you every step of the way to guarantee a fantastic time.

For guests who want to spend quality time with their loved ones, the Puamana 4D Kauai North Shore rental is the idyllic vacation property they have yearned for. This incredible house not only has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for you to use at your leisure, but it also offers pristine views, incredible amenities, and comfortable furnishings.

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Beautiful Dining Area

One of the main focal points of this incredible house is the beautiful dining area. You Can sit on the pull-out wooden bench or wooden chair, lay out a large spread on the large wooden dining room table, and gaze out of the glass windows to see the natural light, ogle at the flora and fauna, and see the waves crashing in the distance.

Watch TV with Your Family at Night

After a filling and healthy dinner, why not kick back and relax? You are on vacation, after all. Sit or lie down on the large, L-shaped couch as you view your favorite flick or show on Netflix. You can also sit on one of the cozy chairs to read a book in the middle of the afternoon during a rare rainy day. Or, to take a break from the sweltering Hawaiian humidity.

Modern Kitchen

Need to whip something up fast for you and your friends’ cocktail hour? Head to the functional kitchen to make some quick appetizers, create a tantalizing cocktail to share with your guests, or make a nice, five-course dinner to enjoy before hitting the town.

The spacious and modern kitchen of this Kauai North Shore rental offers ample space for you to store food, cook dinner, cut up appetizers on the granite countertop, sit at one of the bar stools, and make a fresh pot of coffee in the morning to wake up your guests in the best way possible.

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