These days, there’s a good chance that if you’re driving to a new destination for either business or pleasure, you’ll be making your way there in an electric vehicle. The popularity of electric vehicles is certainly on the rise across the board and at Arrived, we’re making sure that travelers staying in our vacation rentals have access to what they need to keep exploring and enjoying the journey longer. Many of our rental homes now come equipped with EV chargers in place, giving our guests access to the resources they need to charge up and make it an adventure to remember with every booking.

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Taking Care of the Details That Matter Most

At Arrived, we specialize in helping travelers enjoy exceptional getaways. For us, that means providing our guests with property options equipped with refreshingly convenient features and amenities in place. Travelers who book our vacation rentals and invest in an electric rental vehicle, or arrive with one of their own, shouldn’t have to worry about searching for an EV charging station in a new city. Only having access to local paid EV charging stations makes the process that much more frustrating. We’ve eliminated the worry, added costs, and frustrations by installing EV chargers in the vast majority of our rental homes. All you have to do is plug in and enjoy the relaxing experience ahead.


A Boost for the Environment, Your Vehicle, and Your Getaway

One of the largest sources of climate pollution in the U.S. is transportation. Modern travelers are making significant efforts to be more eco-conscious than ever before. Investing in an electric vehicle or rental car is one way many of our guests contribute to helping the environment by leaving a smaller carbon footprint as they roam. At Arrived, we’re on board with doing everything we can to give the environment a positive boost and keep our guests exploring amazing destinations in an eco-friendly style. Overall, electric vehicles are more efficient when it comes to converting energy to power trucks and cars. They lower greenhouse gas emissions and clean up the energy grid in the process. Having EV chargers in our rental homes is designed to encourage our guests to keep investing in the electric vehicles that keep our planet moving in the right direction and keep visitors traveling efficiently.


A Journey Unlike Any Other

When you’re ready to get behind the wheel of your electric vehicle and drive your way to unforgettable adventures, Arrived has you covered. Our rental homes with EV charging stations included are located in a variety of alluring destinations ranging from Hood River, Oregon and Kauai, Hawaii to sunny Palm Springs, California, just to name a few of many! No matter where you set your travel sights, you’ll find our homes with EV charging stations are also outfitted with spacious floor plans, amazing views, top-notch finishes, furnishings, and amenities at every turn. Reach out today to learn more!

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