Are you trying to find the best deals on vacation? Maybe you are having trouble finding the best hotel room for you and your friends. Or all of the Airbnbs are too expensive, crowded, and far away from the best amenities in the local area. If this is giving you travel anxiety, don’t worry — we have the perfect solution for you! Checkout our Downtown hood river rentals at Arrived to find luxurious, modern, and spacious homes that are perfect for groups of all sizes.

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One of our most popular homes is Quail on Sunset, a 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom house that can fit you and your 7 best friends! This cute and quaint cabin is ideal for those who want private outdoor space, multiple bedrooms, modern kitchen appliances, comfortable furnishings, and everything you could ever want in a rental property!

As soon as you see the house, you will love the cool exterior, solar panels, outdoor trellis, private deck, and manicured back garden that is ideal for sitting outside and reading a book, walking your dog, or getting a tan on your face.

Once you enter the house, plop down on one of the cozy chairs or the comfortable couches to rest up before you head out and explore for the day. The minimalist decor, neutral color palette, and high ceilings make the living room a relaxing and stress-free spot to chill and watch your favorite show on the smart TV.

The open floor plan makes it easy for you to get up from the couch and head to the kitchen or dining table in just a few steps. Walk into the kitchen and whip up a quick snack using the stainless steel amenities, brewing a fresh pot of coffee for your guests, or setting out appetizers on the granite countertop to feed your friends!

If you would rather have a formal lunch or dinner with your pals, set out some fresh food on the large, wooden dining room table. Dine with your friends in the large open-floor plan space while sitting under the cool lighting fixtures and admiring the large floor-to-ceiling windows.

After a relaxing dinner, head into the sun room to lounge in one of the cozy chairs and gaze out at the surrounding nature. If you are ready to turn in early for the night, head to the master bedroom and curl up with your loved one in the plush king-sized bed.

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