Bend has everything you want and more if you are an outdoor lover. You can go skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing on some of the best slopes and off-piste runs you will ever find. Or, if you come here in the summer, you can jump into bright blue lakes, hang out at one of the campsites, or sit outside at a nearby brewery.

However, we love coming to Bend for spring. There is no better time to go hiking, avoid the crowds, and get out to be one with nature. There are tons of activities for you to choose from, like kayaking, paddleboarding, boating, hiking, trail running, stand-up paddleboarding, and much more — you and your kids will never be bored here! Put away the iPads, turn off the TV, and get outside. We can think of tons of things for you to do in this bustling mountain town during spring break. Plus, there are fun annual events in Bend OR in the town center that bring in people from all over the world. Check it out!

Hit the Trails

Hiking in Bend is like a rite of passage. You can always hit the trails no matter the time of year, but the spring is arguably the best to see this snow melt, catch the warmer weather, experience long and sunny days, and have the trails more or less to yourself.

Start with an easy hike to get the legs moving, like Pilot Butte. This easy and fast hike is right near downtown Bend, so you can easily get here on foot, bike, or car. Pilot Butte is short, attractive, and gorgeous. You can finish this hike with ease with your kids, pup, or older adults. Just plan for around one hour and make sure you find a brewery to head to afterward to cool off with a craft pour!

Next, you can increase the difficulty by tackling Tumalo Mountain. You will be privy to breathtaking views of Mt. Bachelor as you climb to the top of Tumalo Mountain. This 2.5-hour trail is great for those who want a bit of a challenge at the end and enjoy scrambling to the top of a far-reaching viewpoint. We think this is a perfect picnic spot for a romantic date night.

Lastly, South Sister is a prime hiking destination for avid adventurers who are well-versed in the mountains. This exciting hike is Oregon’s third-tallest mountain and features incredible views, cool terrain, and tons of wildlife. We recommend traversing the South side by balancing on uneven stones, using your hands, and making your way up the steep switchbacks. Trust us, the views are worth it.

Bring Your Golf Clubs

If you and the boys are going on a golfing vacation, there is no better place than Bend, OR. There are numerous courses in the town and Central Oregon that bring in golf lovers from all over the country. Central Oregon features some of the most scenic and beautiful courses in the PNW, with a laid-back vibe, tons of greenery, and mountains in the background.

You can drive to one of 20 golf courses within an hour from the downtown area of Bend, featuring a mixture of both high-end courses and public courses that are great for any price point. We recommend going to River’s Edge Golf Course for your first day out. This 18-hole course features incredible far-reaching views of the Cascade Mountains, so you need to stay focused during your putting and driving.

Next, the Awbrey Glen Golf Club is one of the best within city limits, featuring challenging holes, fairways for all skill levels, and far-reaching vistas of the nearby snow-capped mountains that provide the perfect backdrop for your afternoon out golfing.

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with a trip to the Bend Golf and Country Club. This old price club features more than 7,000 acres, meaning you can hit the ball as far as you like to see if you can get a birdie or a hole in one. This course is ideal for those of varying skill levels, so you can bring your kids or your friends with you for a fun, full day out on the course. And, have a meal or a few drinks after at the nice golf club.

4 Peaks Music Festival

Make sure you add a few live music concerts and events in Bend OR to your springtime list if you are coming to Bend! There is always lots of live music at local bars, festivals, and get-togethers in the town center, but we think that the 4 Peaks Music Festival in June is a must-attend. Featuring tons of big-name artists and pristine weather, there is no place better to be as the spring season winds down.

You can also check out previous festivals in Bend, like HomeGrown Music Festival in April at Bunk and Brew Historic Lucas House, or the Spring Concert Series at Bend Senior High School.

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