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Embrace the allure of fall in Bend, Oregon, where the landscape transforms into a breathtaking tapestry of vibrant hues and crisp air. As the summer crowds ebb, a sense of tranquility settles over this picturesque town, making it the perfect time for an unforgettable fall getaway. At Arrived, we specialize in offering accommodations that not only meet your travel needs but surpass your expectations. Our portfolio of fall rentals in Bend, Oregon invites you to experience the magic of this season in a setting that combines comfort, style, and the beauty of nature.

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Beautiful Interiors

Step inside our beautiful fall rentals in Bend, Oregon, and unlock a world where comfort and style intertwine seamlessly. The interiors of our carefully curated properties are thoughtfully designed to infuse your stay with an undeniable sense of warmth and elegance. Tasteful furnishings strike a balance between homey comfort and Oregon-inspired aesthetics, creating an inviting ambiance that beckons you to let go of the stresses of daily life and fully embrace relaxation. After a day of traversing the kaleidoscope of vibrant fall foliage or immersing yourself in local activities, our Bend rentals’ large bedrooms become your sanctuary. Allow yourself to melt into plush mattresses draped in high-quality linens and adorned with captivating comforters, ensuring that your night’s rest is both rejuvenating and rejuvenating, preparing you for the adventures ahead.

Understanding the importance of convenience in travel, our Bend fall rentals are carefully designed to accommodate your every need. Unpack and make yourself at home with ease, as ample storage space provides room for your belongings to find their place. The presence of a washer and dryer allows you to embrace the freedom of packing lighter, embarking on your journey with a carefree spirit. When the pangs of hunger strike, you’ll discover fully equipped kitchens at your fingertips, complete with modern appliances and an extensive array of utensils. Whether you’re conjuring up cherished family recipes or daring to experiment with the captivating flavors of local cuisine, our kitchens stand as your culinary haven—a space where culinary creativity flourishes.

Yet, the allure of our accommodations stretches far beyond comfort alone. They serve as your conduit to an immersive connection with the captivating beauty of Bend’s breathtaking landscape. Open-concept floor plans seamlessly meld indoor and outdoor spaces, blurring the boundaries between the interior haven and the exterior enchantment. Floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding glass doors allow cascades of natural light, illuminating every corner and creating a bright, airy atmosphere. Even as you luxuriate within, you’re greeted by the allure of the enchanting fall scenery that unfolds just outside your window. Venture onto the expanse of spacious patios, decks, or balconies, and let the crisp fall air envelop you as you savor your morning coffee or unwind with a glass of wine.

As the tapestry of fall hues graces the town, our Bend, Oregon fall rentals offer you not only a glimpse but a front-row seat to the mesmerizing magic of the season. Whether you’re looking for a serene retreat to reconnect with nature, an intimate romantic escapade with your significant other, or quality moments spent with cherished friends and family, our accommodations are designed to lay the perfect foundation for forging unforgettable memories.

Unlock Beautiful Hikes

Discover the captivating world of hiking in Bend, Oregon, where the diverse landscapes offer a trail for every level of adventurer. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just starting out on your outdoor exploration journey, Bend’s hiking trails provide a spectrum of experiences that promise breathtaking views, unforgettable moments, and a deep connection with nature.

Embark on a journey up Pilot Butte, a distinctive 480-foot cinder cone that is a testament to Bend’s unique geology. A dormant volcano, Pilot Butte rewards hikers with sweeping vistas that stretch across the town of Bend, the majestic Cascades to the west, and the sprawling high desert landscape to the east. The trail, beginning at the base of the butte, meanders its way to the summit, gradually ascending in elevation. Along this path, you’ll encounter native trees and shrubs characteristic of Central Oregon’s high desert ecosystem, such as Western Juniper, Big Sagebrush, Bitterbush, and Ponderosa Pine. Upon reaching the summit, a 360-degree panorama of unobstructed views awaits, enhanced by interpretive signs along the stone compass that help you identify the landmarks before you. This popular and relatively easy hike takes about an hour, making it a perfect way to experience Bend’s natural beauty in a short amount of time.

For those seeking a more moderate adventure, the Tumalo Falls hike is a must. A striking 97-foot waterfall with a near-vertical drop, Tumalo Falls is a quintessential icon of Central Oregon’s natural beauty. The falls plunge into a lush valley adorned with lodgepole and ponderosa pines, creating a picturesque setting. The recommended Tumalo Falls Loop hike, just under 7 miles, provides the opportunity to experience both the Tumalo Falls overlooks and several other waterfalls nestled within the forest. As you wander away from the more crowded areas and into the heart of the woods, you’ll be greeted by the soothing sounds of nature and the captivating beauty of Oregon’s wilderness.

Another gem in Bend’s hiking repertoire is the Green Lakes Trail, a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts. This trail leads you through an enchanting alpine landscape that seamlessly transitions from dense forests to vibrant meadows and, ultimately, to stunning alpine lakes. Beginning with a gentle climb along a picturesque creek, the trail grants glimpses of small waterfalls as you ascend. Upon reaching a meadow, your first view of South Sister emerges, setting the tone for the awe-inspiring sights. The trail winds through the landscape, revealing the three Green Lakes—one nestled in a basin and surrounded by the Cascades’ majestic peaks. Each lake offers its own unique charm, from the smallest first lake to the expansive second lake with its crystal-clear waters, sandy beach, and views of South Sister. The third and most secluded Green Lake rests in a rocky cirque, inviting hikers to explore the area and relish the serenity of the alpine surroundings.

No matter which trail you choose, the hiking experience in Bend, Oregon, promises to be a journey of discovery, connection, and awe.

Explore Local Restaurants

Dining in Bend, Oregon is a culinary adventure offering everyone something. Bangers & Brews stands out with its unique bratwurst selection, including alligator, elk, and more, paired with an array of toppings and homemade chimichurri. Their creamy house-made cheesecake provides a sweet finish. Meanwhile, Bosa Food & Drink offers a European-inspired experience with fresh pasta dishes like tagliatelle complemented by a Chianti glass. Their light focaccia with whipped butter adds a delightful touch. Both restaurants invite you to savor Bend’s flavors in welcoming settings.

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Discover the beauty of fall in Bend, Oregon through our vacation rentals. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful escape or a cozy retreat with loved ones, our properties offer the perfect space to enjoy the season’s charm. With comfortable furnishings, inviting beds, well-equipped kitchens, and indoor-outdoor living areas, our Bend rentals provide everything you need for a memorable stay. Contact the Arrived team today to book your fall vacation rental and learn more about this stunning area. Your unforgettable fall experience in Bend awaits!