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Situated along the pristine banks of the Deschutes River, Bend, Oregon brings the beauty, relaxation, luxury, and fun in equal measure. Travelers from across the map eagerly make their way to this gem of the northwest in pursuit of outdoor adventures, scenic moments, fantastic flavor and options to make the most of cityscapes as well. No matter what your travel style may be, Bend is a great place to rejuvenate, reconnect and find time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. While it’s a well-suited destination for solo travel or a romantic getaway, families looking to bond will find Bend to be just as intriguing! When your travel plans bring you here with the entire family in tow, be sure to book a Bend family vacation rental with the help of the team at Arrived who will help you find great places to stay in Bend, Oregon.

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Make the Most of Every Moment

Finding just the places to stay in Bend, Oregon is a sure way to get your family vacation started on the right foot. Those who book our Bend family vacation rentals will have plenty of options within our greater portfolio to pick and choose a property that meets both their size and style expectations. No matter what type of family vacation rental you select, guests can expect to be met with a floorplan that keeps square footage top of mind. The sense of overall space in many of our vacation rentals is often enhanced with the addition of large windows that provide for ample light flow and also frequently frame a wonderful and scenic view.

The vast majority of our family-friendly Bend rentals offer up a stay within the parameters of a fantastic open concept living design, making it easier than ever to move between living, sleeping, and dining spaces. Those arriving with a large group of fellow travelers will find a sense of ease knowing they can transition between large group gatherings in stylish living rooms to private bedrooms that act as an oasis of rest and comfort sitting only steps away. From full kitchens that provide the place to cook up a home-style breakfast, lunch or dinner during your stay to balconies, decks, and patios that invite guests to kick back and relax in style, our family vacation rentals in Bend are designed with the ultimate vacation experience in mind.

It’s hard to deny that Bend is a beautiful vacation destination that offers up much in the way of flavorful opportunity thanks to is many cafes, restaurants, and bars that are worth enjoying while you’re in town. That being said, at Arrived, we’re dedicated to creating one of a kind stays for our guests and firmly believe the success of that goal comes down to the options we provide. While dining out is a delicious choice, access to our properties with full kitchens means guests can always pick and choose between dining in or out—a particularly helpful choice when you can’t imagine anything better than a home-cooked meal.

While dining in traditional style at the dining room table is a wonderful place to delight in a dish or two, those that have booked properties with balconies, patios, and decks will find these areas are just as easily turned into alfresco dining patios with little effort! When your breakfast, lunch, or dinner is best paired with the fresh air and the view make the most of this option and savor the stay.

Fabulous and tasteful furnishings are yours for the enjoying when you book a stay in one of our family-friendly Bend rentals. Many of our properties strike just the right balance between home comforts and stylish details that bring the aesthetic of the Pacific Northwest to life.

Luxury You Can Count On

When you’re looking for more amenities for your large group vacation rentals Oregon, simply ask. We’re happy to help guests find a family vacation rental that includes pet-friendly extras, keeps you close to specific landmarks or comes with upgraded interiors such as plush furnishings, stainless steel appliances, fireplaces and beyond.

A Customized Stay That Suits Your Family’s Travel Style

At Arrived, we specialize in helping travelers take their getaways to the next exceptional level with every booking. For us, it always comes down to making sure our accommodations offer the details that make all the difference. When we’re partnering with families of travelers looking to make the most of the fun, there’s no exception to the rule! Our commitment to quality and comfort begins with the inclusion of customized features that extend to guest downtime as well as the moments they’re out exploring the city and landscape. To that end, visitors who book our rentals that are suitable for families in Bend will find that many are set up to include easy access high-speed internet too. These convenient connections are ideal for those families who are looking to spend some time checking in on the headlines or updating social media with their latest vacation adventures in Oregon. Reaching out to family and friends back home and sharing photos and videos in real time is made simple as well. After a day of fun, guests traveling with their family to Bend can settle into comfortable furnishings and enjoy streaming movies and shows they love at their leisure. Many of our homes offer guests access to large flat-screen and smart televisions too. If you happen to be traveling with kids of varying ages and interests, multiple in-home televisions can be accessed at once to create personalized entertainment options for everyone in your traveling crew!

While the team at Arrived is always thrilled when guests can make their way to Bend and enjoy a stay with family that’s focused exclusively on the fun, we also understand that sometimes, a trip requires a little work and play balance. If you happen to be heading this way with a member of your family that has a few things left to check off the to-do list, our property options with connections of this type can ensure a productive and equally fun getaway. Remote working guests will find that sending digital files, connecting with colleagues on virtual platforms and meeting deadlines with peace of mind are all within reach in our home set up with high-speed internet. When you need to make sure that everyone in your family can enjoy the journey while you find a way to enjoy added work privacy, be sure to inquire about our property selections of this type that also come with in-home offices and dedicated workspaces as well.

Exploring Places to Stay in Bend

While our large group vacation rentals Oregon are sure to inspire, making the most of Bend means getting out and exploring. While you’re here, be sure to take some time to visit the Newberry National Volcanic Monument where you can encounter incredible landforms left behind after the last eruption is estimated to have taken place approximately 75,000 years ago.

Just as intriguing of an excursion during your stay might be time spent enjoying a trek through Tumalo State Park. This lush and inviting destination is a great place to keep your eyes peeled for wildlife along the ground or take your exploration to the sky and enjoy bird watching. Tumalo State Park hosts a maze of trails to explore as well as access to waterfalls and designated swimming areas when your hike through Bend happens during the warm summer months. If you’re visiting Bend and you’re a history buff at heart, make time for a stop at the well-loved High Desert Museum.

Book Your Stay

Bask in the fun of a family getaway to Bend and let the team at Arrived handle your Bend accommodations while you’re here. Contact us today for more information and to start planning your next Oregon-bound adventure.