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We believe there is no wrong time to see the beauty of Sunriver, Oregon, but if you have to pick one season, we highly recommend the fall. Autumn is a gorgeous time in Sunriver with the trees starting to change their leaves to a deep amber color and the temperature slowly dropping. Here are some of our favorite activities you need to enjoy when in Sunriver during the fall:

Hike to the Local Falls

While the temperatures may be dropping outside, they will not be unbearably cold until late in the winter season. Make the most of beautiful Sunriver during the fall season by hiking one of the fantastic waterfall trails in Sunriver. Benham Falls to the north and Fall River Falls to the south make for a great day of hiking filled with beautiful sights, and the comfortable fall temperatures will keep you cool throughout the journey.

Use the Local Biking Trails

Sunriver is home to over 40 miles of all terrain mountain bike trails. Many of these trails will take you through beautiful scenery such as down the Deschutes River and around the Deschutes National Forest. The Lava Lakes Trails are some of the most popular trails to locals and are a must see!

Try Seasonal Brews from Local Breweries

The craft beer scene is taken seriously in Pacific Northwest and the same can be said for Sunriver. Stop at Sunriver Brewing Company and the many other breweries in town for delicious seasonal beers only available in the fall. Pumpkin beers and fresh hop IPAs continue to gain in popularity and must be tried. Plan for your own personal brewery tour and sample all these delicious craft beers!

Experience Sunriver Like a Local

Without the large tourist crowds of summer, you can experience Sunriver like every other local in town does. We recommend checking out the many live entertainment productions such as live music at local bars or the Bend Roots Revival Musical Festival. The residents of Sunriver love their theatre and art as well, so do not skip out on local productions and museums.

Experience Sunriver During the Fall

Relax in one of our Sunriver vacation rentals this fall when you vacation to Sunriver. The fall season is the perfect time to pick out one of our luxury vacation rentals with a hot tub on hand to keep you comfortable. Allow us to pick out the perfect rental for your next stay in Sunriver.


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