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The Top Items to Bring on Your Sunriver Vacation

HomeCharming Vacation Rentals in Sunriver OregonThe Top Items to Bring on Your Sunriver Vacation

Heading to Sunriver for an amazing ski vacation is always an exciting adventure! In the middle of all the planning, talking and packing it’s easy to forget those essentials that make a ski trip successful. Before you hit the road and head towards the mountains, make sure you’ve got these important items securely tucked away in your suitcase for your Sunriver vacation.


While it’s easy to remember the ski goggles as you head out to hit the slopes, sunglasses don’t always spring to mind. On sunny days, the glare off the snow can be brutal. When you hit the bottom of the hill, don’t be stuck without simple eye protection. Making sure you’ve got your glasses to swap out with your goggles will make for a smooth vacation overall and your eyes will thank you.

Waterproof Pouches

There are a lot of important names and numbers to remember when you’re out skiing. In the event you run into trouble, it’s essential to have a map on hand that can lead you to safety or at the very least, indicate the number for ski patrol. Beyond the map you may want your phone and other small items with you. While a small backpack works, keeping a set of waterproof pouches on hand is a good way to protect those important items you’re carrying with you. Don’t let the fun of the snow ruin your belongings when simply tucking them into a waterproof pouch can solve the problem.

Locks and Keys

Sunriver Oregon vacation is exhilarating but come with a great deal of investment in equipment to make it all work. In order to protect the gear you’ve got, make sure to bring ski locks with you. Making the most of your outdoor activities means protecting what you’ve rented or purchased during your off hours.


While it may seem like a summertime essential item, sunscreen is key on the mountains in winter as well. That same glare off the snow that can hurt your eyes is also reflecting rays towards any exposed skin and could cause damage. Make sure you’ve got a UV deflecting solution packed in your ski bag to cover skin that isn’t bundled up in layers during your Sunriver Oregon vacation.

Neck Warmer

While your moisture-resistant ski jacket may come complete with three useful layers for temperature changes, it doesn’t always reach up high enough to cover your entire neck. To avoid skin exposure, consider packing a small neck warmer in your ski bag. Easy to wear and small enough to tuck away if the temperatures rise, a neck warmer is the final touch to keeping toasty. Above all, it helps to avoid unpleasant remnants of snow spray from finding a way into your jacket when you shred the slopes.

Sensational Sunriver Oregon Vacation

Sunriver is a place that ski enthusiasts return to time and again for the majestic mountains, stunning scenery and family-friendly atmosphere. When you’re here, make sure the team at Arrived is helping you find the ideal vacation rental. With a large selection of home, Sunriver vacation condo rentals, cabins and more, we’re here to make sure your home away from home is customized to your getaway taste and style. Contact us today to start planning your next Sunriver vacation!

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