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Top 5 Spots for a Gorgeous View in Sunriver

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Everyone could use a good getaway from time to time. Letting go of stress and focusing on fun is always something to look forward to. When you make Sunriver, Oregon your vacation destination, the chances of achieving this are even better! While Sunriver is a destination that offers up much in the way of fun, it’s also brimming over with the best views in Oregon to enjoy. If you’re a scenery seeker that can’t wait to make the most of it all, the following are the top five spots for gorgeous views to enjoy the next time you’re in town.

Benham Falls

There is a long list of thrills waiting to be found in Sunriver, but for those that are excited to fill their trip with amazing scenery, a hike to Benham Falls promises to be one of the most inspiring and beautiful experience they can have. This impressive back trail is open year-round, so it’s possible to get a glimpse of Sunriver’s amazing terrain in full bloom and covered in a dusting of sparkling snow too depending what time of year you arrive. The tail itself is a half-mile from trailhead to falls and is a gentle incline the entire way. You’ll encounter a bridge and along the riverbank, hikers are treated to a variety of flowers, marine life and more.

The Lava Tube Caves

Sometimes, the most gorgeous scenic views in Oregon don’t happen in the open air, but take visitors underground to get up close to nature’s rich history. That’s exactly the case at the Lava Tube caves near Sunriver which offer up a completely unique take on the terrain if you’re up to travel underground and embrace something new. At a mile long, the Lava Tube Cave is open to visitors for self-guided exploration and you’ll want to be sure to bring your headlamp, flashlight or glow stick. Over the course of 90 minutes, you’ll wind your way across boardwalks, bridges and stairways that take you deep into the earth into a nearly other-worldly experience. The cave doesn’t hold light, but the glow of your flashlight will illuminate a scene where ancient rock and probably some bats too remain a testament to time. Is it unconventional? Yes. Is it a chance to get a gorgeous view in Sunriver? It’s very much that too!

Fall River Trail

When riverside scenery and hidden away cascades are what delight your senses, a trek along the Fall River Trail while you’re visiting Sunriver will not disappoint. Extending into the lush wilderness, the Fall River Trail flanks Country Road 42 and just touches the edge of the Deschutes National Forest Area. The out and back trail can be conquered in less than a day, but it may take longer when you realize how much scenery there really is to take in. From the reflective waters that guide your way to the towering ponderosa pines, you’ll feel you’ve stepped outside of time and into a place completely ruled by nature. Don’t forget your camera for this one.

The Lava Butte at Sunset

Many gorgeous views are earned at sunset and a trip to Sunriver is no exception to that rule. When you’re looking for the best views in Oregon to see an amazing sunset streak across the sky, the Lava Butte is it. This natural landmark is accessed by heading toward the Lava Lands Visitor Center. Before heading out to the butte, you can take time to explore the exhibits and displays within the center itself. Making the trip to Lava Butte much more convenient is the fact that between Memorial Day and Labor Day, there’s a shuttle that runs to the summit from the Visitor Center every 20 minutes.

The Oregon Observatory at Sunriver

Sitting right on River Road, travelers to Sunriver that are looking to take the gorgeous views they hope to find to new cosmic levels will find what they’ve been searching for at the Oregon Observatory. This astronomical observatory is one-of-a-kind and operated by the Sunriver Nature Center. The observatory features informational sessions on scouring the cosmos that visitors are sure to find fascinating as well as a collection of over 23 high-powered telescopes when you’re ready to turn your eyes to the skies. With minimal to almost non-existent light pollution in the area, it’s the perfect opportunity to find a view that’s literally out of this world.

Enjoy Your Sunriver Journey

Your Sunriver adventure is bound to be a delight, but knowing you’re booked into accommodations that keep you close to the fun only makes it that much better. When you’re ready to turn travel plans into a reality, the team at Arrived is here to help. We’ll make sure you’re matched up with a rental property that not only meets your needs but exceeds your expectations too. Reach out today to learn more about our many property options in the area!

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