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La Pine State Park

Get ready for some central Oregon adventures at La Pine State Park! This incredible wilderness area is the very picture of mountain peace: hiking trails, beautiful high-mountain lakes, pristine rivers full of trout, and everywhere, the refreshing scent of pine trees. If you love that piney smell, La Pine State Park is definitely the destination for you!

A Summer Wonderland

This Oregon state park is open for day use from May through September, as well as offering cabins for rent year-round. It’s a short drive from Bend (30 minutes) and even less from Sunriver, and it’s also close to Fort Rock Natural Area if you would like to visit that geological wonder. La Pine is also home to Oregon’s largest Ponderosa Pine tree. Nicknamed “Big Red,” it’s 162-feet tall, and possibly more than 500 years old.

Fly Fishing or Hiking?

Why not do both? At La Pine State Park, you don’t have to choose. It’s close enough to our great rentals at both Sunriver and Bend that you can easily spend multiple days of your vacation here, which will give you plenty of time to try out all the activities you like. Enjoy casting your line on the Upper Deschutes and Fall Rivers, and take home some trout for your dinner. La Pine State Park is also a prime Cascades destination for hiking enthusiasts, with many miles of trails to explore. Lace up your hiking boots, slather on some bug repellent, and head up the trail! Mountain biking is also a popular activity here at LaPine, so if you’re in the mood, rent bikes at nearby Sunriver Village.

Plenty of  Wildlife at La Pine State Park

Ever wanted to see an eagle? How about an eagle swooping down right in front of you, catching its breakfast? Pretty great, right? This is the kind of thing that’s just everyday life here at La Pine State Park. Eagles, red-tailed hawks, and so much more. Naturalist programs are provided most weekends from June until Labor Day, so you can learn all about the wildlife you’re encountering.

Rest and Relaxation

All that adventure aside, La Pine State Park is really a great place to just kick back and relax. Take a picnic, take off your shoes, take a nap in the shade of a fragrant ponderosa pine. Bring a Frisbee and a fishing pole, and you’ll keep the family busy for hours. La Pine is a quiet piece of heaven tucked away in the majestic Cascades, and you’re sure to remember your visit for years to come!

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