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Steelhead Falls Hike

Nestled in Terrebonne, Oregon about an hour north of Sunriver, Steelhead Falls Trailhead offers you and your guests an extraordinary hiking experience during your vacation. Read on below to learn more about what makes hiking Steelhead Falls a worthwhile activity for visitors to Sunriver!

Explore the Awesome Hiking Experience in Steelhead Falls Trailhead

Renowned for its breathtaking natural panorama and dynamic wilderness that includes stunning canyon terrain, Steelhead Falls Trailhead is a remote trail with little traffic, tucked away in the middle section of the Deschutes that is best reached by way of Crooked River Ranch. It’s a trail that’s so remote that even the signage, though improved over recent years, is sometimes hard to spot. There is no direct route from the parking area to the trail.

Travel north and downriver along the trail for three quarters of a mile and you’ll be rewarded with an arresting tableau: the Steelhead Falls, plunging picturesquely into a pool that bubbles and stews like a witch’s cauldron. In its entirety, this out and back trail spans 2 miles and has an elevation gain of over 225 feet.

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As with any hiking trail (especially those in Central Oregon’s dynamic climate of varying hospitableness), it’s wise to make yourself familiar with the area and its directions beforehand, and to pack items like water, sunscreen, and bug spray—particularly during the summer months of June through August. Additionally, you should remain cautious of where you are placing your hands and feet as you hike, as rattlesnakes are known to hide underneath brush and rocks.

The trail is accessible all year long, and is known for being a trail that is great for hikers of all skill levels. You and your guests can enjoy a variety of activities along Steelhead Falls Trail, provided you respect the ban on motorized vehicles. Steelhead Falls Trail is also a dog friendly trail, as long as you keep your four-legged companion on a leash at the trailhead.

Steelhead Falls Trailhead is located at NW Steelhead Falls Dr., Terrebonne, OR 97760. Speak with one of our representatives at Arrived Now for more details.

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Our team of reservation specialists can’t wait to give you more tips on the hike to Steelhead Falls, as well as other ways to make the most out of your time in Sunriver, when you contact our office and discuss booking your stay in one of our fantastic vacation rentals today.


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