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Coachella Valley Preserve

Beyond the iconic Coachella Music Festival, the Coachella Valley has some truly wonderful attractions to offer Palm Springs visitors interested in an authentic desert experience. One such places is the Coachella Valley Preserve, a desert destination that gives visitors a little taste of the Old West. Read on below for more details on what makes the Coachella Valley Preserve worth visiting during your time in Palm Springs!


Explore the Natural Splendor of the Coachella Preserve

Nestled 10 miles east of Palm Springs along the northern side of Coachella Valley and at the base of the Indio Hills, Coachella Valley Preserve consists of over 20,000 acres of wilderness, trails, and wildlife for you and your guests to experience, whether you opt for a guided hike or elect to go on a self-guided journey.

The Coachella Valley Preserve also features a charming visitors center known as the Palm House, a rustic hut within Paul Wilhelm Grove where volunteer staff are on hand to explain the interesting history of the preserve. From pre-historic days when Native American tribes settled the land and the homesteaders that succeeded them, to camping and environmental regulations that have protected the preserve today, there’s much to learn at the Palm House.

One such environmental regulation made the preserve the home of the endangered Coachella Valley fringe-toed lizard. Coachella Preserve is the only place in the entire world where this unique species of lizard is found. Other extraordinary species that dwell here include the giant palm-boring beetle, the flat-tailed horned lizard, and the roundtailed ground squirrel.

During your time at the Coachella Valley Preserve, you can explore a number of oases and hiking trails. The most famous of these oases is the Thousand Palm Oasis, fed by the water that escapes from the San Andreas Fault. Other oases include Hidden Horseshoe, Willis, and Indian Palms. The hiking trails within the preserve consist of Moon Country Trail, Willis Palms Trail, McCallum Trail, Hidden Palms Trail, and Pushawalla Palms Trail.


Make the Memories of a Lifetime with Arrived Now

As your experts on all things Coachella Valley and Greater Palm Springs, our reservation agents can’t wait to share the details about the Coachella Preserve and other amazing destinations, sightseeing, and recreation that the region has to offer during your vacation. Learn more when you contact our office and ask about booking your lodgings with us today!


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