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Indian Canyons

Planning what to do in Palm Springs? The Indian Canyons are one of the most iconic sets of natural sightseeing spots you can visit, providing you and your guests with endless opportunities to learn about the culture and history of the region while enjoying invigorating activities outdoors. Find out more information on why you should visit the Indian Canyons below!


Indian Canyons: A Beautiful Natural Landmark in Palm Springs

Nestled due south of Palm Springs, the Indian Canyons are actually comprised of four separate canyons: Palm Canyon, Murray Canyon, Andreas Canyon, and Tahquitz Canyon. Each of these canyons are fantastic locales for hiking, horseback riding, and touring.

Individually, the canyons all have something different to offer. A 2-mile long trail that connects the Murray and Andreas Canyons holds steep red cliffs, impressive fan palm trees, and barrel cacti that swell up after the spring rains, ending with the terraced waterfall known as the Seven Sisters. Andreas Canyon is home to a diverse range of plants-over 150 different species within a half-mile radius. Additionally, Andreas Canyon and Palm Canyon are well-known for their rock formations. Tahquitz Canyon, however, is the most popular. It is home to the visitor’s center, many guided hikes, and an awe-inspiring 60-foot waterfall that served as the entrance to Shangri La in the 1937 film Lost Horizon.

Within the Indian Canyons are a variety of Native American artifacts that can be traced back to the first people who left evidence of living here, the Cahuilla tribe. As you make your way through the canyons, you’ll encounter the mortar holes where they ground their acorns into meal, and ancient writing communications, such as pictographs and petroglyphs.

Beyond the fascinating historical and cultural aspect of these places, the Indian Canyons are an overwhelmingly beautiful place to visit. Here, you can see the lush swathes of towering palm trees from which Palm Springs takes its name, as well as trickling steams, seasonal waterfalls, and a plethora of wildlife and plants that call these canyons home.

Whether you tackle all of the canyons or simply make a brief stop, you won’t regret taking the time to visit these incredible natural landmarks.


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From the Indian Canyons to other sightseeing and outdoor recreation spots around Palm Springs, our team of reservation specialists can guide you through it all. Learn more when you contact our office about booking your Palm Springs vacation rental today!

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