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What to Bring on Your Bend Vacation

You may have already thought of bringing your snow coat and snow pants to the ski resort, but did you pack a Ziploc bag for your cellphone? Or snacks for when you get the munchies halfway up the chairlift? Here’s our list of things to pack for your Bend vacation.


Clothing and Extra Clothing

If you’re renting your skis or snowboard at a ski resort, you still have to bring clothing. Ski resorts also will rent you the boots and helmet, but nothing else. That includes a ski coat and pants, a base layer that sits right next to your skin to keep you warm and wick sweat, and goggles or sunglasses.

It’s important to pack extra clothing and base layers. Base layers allow you to stay warm when you take off that big puffy snow coat and allow you more flexibility in adjusting your body temperature. Also, when you strip off that big snow coat when you’re inside the lodge or getting changed, you’ll likely need another lighter coat to replace it. Even ski lodges can get cold inside!


Protection for Your Cellphone

You should keep your cellphone with you on the slopes during your Bend vacation. In case you maintain cell reception, your cellphone will be a huge asset in emergency situations—not to mention when you’re trying to find your friends when you all ski different runs. Invest in a waterproof, shockproof case for your cellphone and, just to be safe, store your phone in a Ziploc bag in your chest pocket.



We lose most of our body heat through our heads and forgetting this small article of clothing can really cost you. There’s no way you’re hitting the slopes without one, so if you forget to bring it, you’re just going to have to shell out to buy an expensive one at the resort itself.


Eye Protection During Your Bend Vacation

Whenever you’re out in the snow, no matter for how long, you should be wearing glasses to prevent damage to your eyes. The snow reflects up to 80% of the sun’s rays, so take care and protect your eyeballs. You don’t have to invest much into goggles or sunglasses to get the same benefit.



Downhill skiing can burn up to 400 calories per hour, so bring a few snacks that will nourish you throughout the day. Outdoor etiquette 101 states you always bring extra food and water.

We want you to enjoy your time with us in Bend, and that means keeping you safe and comfortable. Contact our team of reservation specialists to learn more about Bend winter activities and to book your vacation rental!

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