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High Desert Museum in Bend

The area known today as Bend is a land that is rich with history and wonder, and one that has constantly evolved from its beginnings as a frontiersman’s paradise into the vacationer’s paradise it is today! Luckily, as much as things have changed and evolved over the years, the good people at the High Desert Museum have done a phenomenal job of preserving the history of the West’s High Desert to share with the generations to come. With a unique blend of wildlife, history, and art exhibits, the High Desert Museum is the perfect stop for families of all ages to learn about the history of our land that is both educational and fun!


An Exciting Blend of Wildlife, History, and Art!

One of the things that truly makes the High Desert Museum in Bend so incredible is the wide variety of different exhibits they have, which means it’s sure to have something for everyone!

At the High Desert Museum, they are truly proud of the history and traditions of the people in the Oregon area, and they would love to share it with you with one of the many exhibits on display. Take an unforgettable walk through the annals of time with their Spirit of the West exhibit, which will take you through the Hudson’s Bay Company fort, through a hard rock mine, and much more. Or if you’re more interested in learning about the native people of these lands, you can experience their By Hand Through Memory exhibit, which will take you through the history of the Plateau Indian Nations from reservation confinement all the way through the 21st century.

In addition to learning about the history of the people of the land, the High Desert Museum also specializes in teaching all about the critters and animals who share this land with us. The High Desert Museum has a number of animal exhibits for you to experience, including the Autzen Otter Exhibit! Stop by and see those adorable little critters play, scamper about, use their water slides, and more. Another special resident of the museum to visit is Vivi the Bobcat, which provides an incredible learning experience on how they’re able to adapt to different habitats and provides a great chance to see one up close! There are just a few of the amazing animal exhibits they have in store for you, and we highly recommend visiting to see them all.


The Exhibits are Ever-Changing

If there’s one thing that keeps both visitors and locales coming back to the High Desert Museum in Bend year after year, it’s that they have the ability to keep their exhibits fresh, and this means you can see something new every time you visit! The staff at High Desert is constantly bringing in new and exciting exhibits to complement their permanent ones every few months, which means you need to make sure to stop in early and often to see all of the incredible things they’re working up next.

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