If you are looking for a pristine and serene place to go for your upcoming holiday, we have the perfect idea in mind. Instead of going to a crowded city, which can be overwhelming, noisy, and busy, we recommend going somewhere that is relaxing and surrounded by beautiful nature. Check out Ranch Eden, a one-bedroom, one-bathroom, pet-friendly log Bend vacation property that is the quintessential American dream. As soon as you set your sights on this cozy cabin, you will fall in love. The outside of the cabin is the typical wood paneling, complete with a closed-in front deck that offers the perfect spot to sit in the mornings with a cup of coffee and listen to the birds in the forest.

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Once you enter the cute Bend vacation property, you will be greeted with a common space, ample seating area, modern amenities, and wooden furniture. The common space is complete with a large Smart TV, so you can watch your favorite shows and movies. Plus, you have a foot stool and a small table for putting books, magazines, games, or snacks as you watch the crisp TV. For those who need some more space, the sleek high wooden table also has drawer space — and has two matching stools for extra seating when you have friends over! Plus, the living area has a plush and cozy leather love seat that is perfect for two people to sit and relax. You can use the sliding tables to put your meals as you chat with one another, gaze out of the windows at the surrounding wildlife, or watch the latest Hulu flick.

For making a quick snack or a filling breakfast, the spacious kitchen is complete with a kettle, microwave, water purifier, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, and tons of counter space for serving food with ease. We also love the wood paneling all throughout this cozy cabin. It really feels like you are staying in a traditional log cabin — but with modern perks!

Last but not least, the bedroom is a cozy and comfortable room that offers a queen-sized bed that is conducive to getting a great night of sleep. Rest your head on one of the filled pillows, curl up in the new bamboo sheets, and set your phone on one of the two bedside tables. Set your alarm to get up and explore on the convenient alarm clock before closing your eyes for the night.

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