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Things to do in Sunriver OR if you have Disabilities

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Traveling to Sunriver, Oregon is an experience in natural beauty, exciting entertainment and fabulous food. Living with a disability doesn’t change the thrilling impact of this pristine place in the least! In fact, this area is an incredible destination in that it offers up a variety of things to do in Sunriver OR for all ages and abilities, making a trip here unforgettable and perfectly paced to your needs.

Transportation Equipment Rentals

When it comes to taking to Sunriver’s incredible trails or wandering through downtown in the name of shopping and finding delicious places to dine, mobility concerns don’t need to hold you back. Advanced Mobility of Bend, just outside Sunriver offer visitors first-in-class rental equipment to make sure your vacation runs at the speed you want. From wheelchairs and scooters to adjustable ramps and wheelchair accessible vans, you’ll find exactly what you need to erase the worry of mobility and instead, enjoy your all-access visit to Sunriver.

Taxi and Shuttle Services

If you don’t require a wheelchair or scooter to get around but aren’t sure trekking on foot all day is for you, do remember that Sunriver is a very taxi and shuttle service friendly destination! At the touch of an app button, Uber and Lyft services can be custom-ordered to make sure you travel in a vehicle that fits your needs. A convenient and cost-efficient way to get around, using a transportation service gets you from adventure A to adventure B without having to worry about fatigue.

Adjusting the Itinerary for Things to Do In Sunriver Oregon

There’s so many things to do in Sunriver Oregon that it can be hard to not overdo it on the itinerary front. When traveling this direction, visitors with disabilities should always consider the option of hiring a private tour guide! Wanderlust Tours offers half-day naturalist options with a private guide suited to accommodate your personal needs. Utilizing private tour guide services ensures that you’ll get to see those amazing sights in the great outdoors all while traveling at a comfortable and customized pace. From caves to lakes, forests and rivers Sunrise offers so many special moments to be experienced.

Customized Vacation Rentals

The final and most important touch on any incredible getaway is making sure you are booked in a vacation rental that matches your lifestyle and needs. For guests traveling with disabilities, make sure to partner with Arrived and leave any and all accommodation worries far behind. With a vast selection of Sunriver properties available, we can make sure your vacation rental comes complete with those extras you need to make your quality stay extra convenient and comfortable. Contact us today to starting putting your perfect trip together and to learn about more things to do in Sunriver OR!

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