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Sunriver History

Driving through Sunriver, it’s hard to imagine that this place of such pristine beauty and bountiful entertainment options in the heart of Oregon has such a diverse past. With roots grounded in a pioneer spirit ready to conquer the wilderness and later on, a place in the history books of wartime training, Sunriver has faced many hurdles on its journey to becoming the wonderful getaway oasis it is today. Read on to learn about Sunriver history:

Prehistoric Past

The area that is today known as Sunriver has long been a hotbed for Native American artifacts. Some of these finds have led experts to believe that the area was settled many thousands of years ago after remnants of lava flow created the perfect conditions for a luscious meadow and woodlands to thrive. Explore John C. Fremont noted his observations of traveling through this remote area in 1843, shortly before the area was scouted for laying railway that would connect the Columbia River seamlessly with California.

Sunriver History Making its Way Through the Wild

Sunriver history shows the 1800’s saw the area becoming a landing spot for pioneer families. Willing to face hardship in the name of a new start, these families began forming settlements complete with schools and functioning ranches. Over the next several decades, cattlemen and trappers found their way to these prime hunting grounds and made their homes here as well.

Wartime Training Grounds

In 1942, the U.S. government began looking for the perfect place to build a military training ground. Finding that the Sunriver area seemed to mimic the conditions in Europe, it was decided that it would be the building site for Camp Abbot which would house up to 10,000 people at a time. The Officer’s Club was constructed using the readily available natural materials in the area and resulted in a stunning structure of wood and stone detailing. Today, it has been renovated and transformed into Sunriver’s Great Hall which hosts many of the area’s annual festivals.

Vision and Construction

After World War II, Camp Abbot was divided into land given back to the U.S. Forest Service and that which was available to be privately purchased. With the purchase of this land came the development of the Sunriver we know and love today. Residential homes, golf courses and rental properties began to find their place in the landscape. Visitors began flocking to the area in the name of leisure, outdoor activity and general recreation. In time this wild, wartime influenced land became a cultural hub for getting away from it all. Today, the Sunriver Lodge, Sunriver Properties and Sunriver Resort all owe their present standing as iconic community highlights to the post World War II reconstruction efforts.

The Present Luxury of Choice

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