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Planning Your Vacation to Sunriver

A getaway has the power to bring out the best in all of us. When we step out of our everyday lives and into a place of limitless fun and potential, we tend to see life in an entirely new light. If you’re looking for a place to call your next vacation destination, look no further than Sunriver, Oregon. Located in the heart of the state, it’s a place that combines the best in outdoor Sunriver OR things to do, family fun and tasty treats! Whether you’re into hiking, fishing, golfing or water parks, there’s something to keep your passion in life peaked in Sunriver.

What to Bring for Sunriver OR Things to Do

Sunriver is one of those places that’s exciting to visit year-round. When you’re traveling in the summer, make sure to pack plenty of bug spray and great hiking boots. You’re sure to be doing a number of thrilling outdoor activities in this scenic landscape and it’s best to keep the bites at bay and your feet firmly planted. If you’re visiting in the fall or spring, pack clothes in layers so a little unexpected rain doesn’t stop you from making your way down beautiful trails. When you come in the winter, bring a warm jacket for cooler temperatures and your spirit of celebration as Sunriver is a renowned destination for seasonal festivals.

Where to Go

Where you decide to go on your vacation is only limited by your desire to bring your passions to life. If you’re a hiking enthusiast, make your way to Benham Falls and follow the trail to a scenic viewing platform with breathtaking sights to behold. If you’re someone who wants to connect with wildlife, a stop at the Sunriver Nature Center gives you the opportunity to witness the process of animal rehabilitation. Sunriver Stables provides horse riding opportunities for all ages while the Oregon Observatory fills your nighttime agenda with starry sights as you stargaze alongside those you love.

Itinerary Highlights

There are so many Sunriver OR things to do. Avid golfers should make sure to book a tee time at one of four courses available at Sunriver Resort. For a thrill to remember, book a tour to the Paulina Plunge where trekkers are treated to a trip down a cascade at the end of an adventurous hike! When you’re looking to finish off your day with something savory, stop by Sunriver Brewing Company and Pub for a taste of the season delivered conveniently in a glass.

Make Your Stay Sensational

When you’re planning your vacation to Sunriver, Oregon there are so many plans to be made when it comes to finding the perfect attractions to visit, trails to hike and breweries to frequent. Why not let the professionals at Arrived take care of the accommodation details? We have access to a variety of property types to fit your every need. Contact us today to book your vacation rental and to learn more about Sunriver Oregon attractions!

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