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Wildlife Watching in Sunriver, Oregon

Sunriver, Oregon is a sensational vacation destination for those who are looking to relax, unwind, and enjoy time away from the hustle and bustle at their very own pace. It’s also a destination that’s loved among wildlife enthusiasts for good reason! The terrain here lends itself to a diverse collection of creatures and the opportunity to spot them in their natural habitats is one you simply won’t want to miss. The following are some of the top spots for wildlife watching in Sunriver, Oregon that are well worth adding to your itinerary.

Go Wildlife Watching in Sunriver, Oregon at Smith Rock State Park

The beauty of taking time to enjoy wildlife watching in Sunriver, Oregon is often the opportunity to immerse yourself in amazing landscapes and pair your observations with outdoor recreation too. One of the very best spots to do all of this and more while you’re in the area is Smith Rock State Park. Stretching across 650 acres of land, Smith Rock State Park puts the focus firmly on breathtaking terrain which hosts everything from unique rock formations and rivers to sweeping canyons and tantalizing nature trails. The park is open from dawn to dusk year-round, which makes it ideal for Oregon wildlife watching at varying hours of the day when different species come out to roam. It’s only $5 to park a vehicle here and $8 a person to arrive on bike or on foot. Smith Rock State Park is home to river otters and beavers that thrive in the lush waterways while the skies cater to golden eagles and prairie falcons alike. A visit here also comes with a high chance of spotting mule deer grazing. In addition to top-notch wildlife watching, visitors will find that Smith Rock State Park is a scenic place to enjoy rock climbing, hiking, and nature photography too. Many visitors come with a kayak in hand and make the most of paddling down Crooked River where fish can easily be viewed along the way.

The Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory

Travelers heading to Sunriver looking for a place to enjoy Oregon wildlife watching alongside the entire family will find the Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory to be the perfect place to do exactly that. Located at 57245 River Road, the Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory is a place where you can spend an entire day from sunup to sundown looking for amazing creatures of all kinds. The center is located near Lake Aspen and sprawls across eight acres of terrain that’s comprised of meadows, wetlands, and forests alike. This combination of ecosystems makes for a prime place for versatile habitats to thrive. During the daytime, visitors can traverse the area by bike or on foot and follow alongside a naturalist guide who is happy to point out creatures of interest along the way. Some of these include frogs, salamanders, lizards, and even snakes! Make sure to make time to enjoy Exploration Ridge as well as the botanical garden on-site where wildflowers attract pollinators and birds alike. The Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory is also a place where guests can see owls, hawks, and eagles both in the wild and as part of the center’s robust rehabilitation program. Wildlife watching from the shores of Lake Aspen is always a treat and if you stay after dark, you’ll likely encounter owls as well as the cosmos! The Observatory is home to 23 high-powered telescopes guests can enjoy and there are programs that help visitors locate planets, stars, and distant galaxies too. Throughout the year, wildlife enthusiasts will find that The Sunriver Nature Center also hosts a variety of experiences to take part in like bird walks, nature workshops, and wildlife lectures too.

The Great Meadow Off River Road

When it comes to spotting wildlife, you never actually have to go far at all to find something inspiring in Sunriver. This area is surrounded by rich nature, and that inevitably means creatures of all kinds call it home as well as locals and visitors. One of the most common wildlife watching opportunities here is the chance to spot deer. They’re plentiful in the region and live right alongside the resort. A particularly prime place to spot them is the Great Meadow which sits just off River Road. This is close to the Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory and is a great place to simply sit back, relax and wait for a herd to pass by.

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