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Best Places for Photography in Sunriver Oregon

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When you’re looking for a gorgeous getaway destination, there’s no reason to look beyond the beauty and fun of Sunriver, Oregon. Here, it’s possible for outdoor enthusiasts to find their thrill while those excited to relax, unwind, and dine in style can have their favorite activities added to the itinerary as well. Whether you’re in town for a short getaway or an extended stay, Sunriver is a place that calls travelers back time and again with good reason. If you happen to be here with a passion for photography, you’ll find there’s no shortage of Sunriver photography options when it comes to amazing views to capture too. The following are a few of the many you’ll want to be sure to take time to view through the lens.


Capture the Moment at Fall River Trail

Sunriver is a spectacular destination for photographers who are looking to pair natural outdoor beauty with scenery that can be easily adjusted with light and angles at different times of the day. One prime example of a place where you can capture refreshingly diverse shots depending on when you swing by with a camera in hand is the Fall River Trail. Located along the outskirts of the Deschutes National Forest Area, the Fall River Trail flanks Country Road 42 and provides options for a riverside setting, forested background or cascade capture depending on photographer preferences. The light coming through the trees varies between early morning and afternoon photo shoots giving you options to adjust your background multiple times within the same day. The reflective waters are always eye-catching to capture while the Ponderosa Pines make for an impressive backdrop too. Whether you’re photographing subjects or looking for landscape shots, the Fall River Trail never disappoints when it comes to taking Sunriver, Oregon photos.


Spend Time with a Camera at The Oregon Observatory at Sunriver

Inspired architecture, a cosmic focus, and fantastic sunset shots are waiting for photographers who make their way to the Oregon Observatory at Sunriver during their stay. Located at 57245 River Road, the Oregon Observatory is designed to offer guests one-of-a-kind views of space and is operated by the Sunriver Nature Center. While it’s a fascinating stop to visit when you’re looking to enjoy views through the 23 on-site high-powered telescopes, it also makes for an intriguing backdrop when you’re in Sunriver on a photography-focused adventure. The Observatory itself offers up a unique background thanks to its domed architecture. As the sun goes down, you can capture great colors as well thanks to the area’s lack of light pollution. Stick around after you’ve got your best Sunriver, Oregon photos on film to enjoy an informational session!


Check Out Benham Falls for Sunriver Photography

If a cascade background is what you’re looking for, you’ll find it waiting for you at Benham Falls. The back trail leading to this waterfall is open year-round so no matter when you arrive, you’ll find the angle you’re seeking. In the spring and summer, the route to Benham Falls is typically filled with lush foliage and wildflowers so there are options to stop along the way and capture great shots too. In the winter, the fresh powder adds a sparkling glimmer to the terrain which can make for a truly inspired photo also. There’s a bridge along the riverbank leading to the falls which is a wonderful place to set up if you’re photographing family or friends. The falls themselves are the centerpiece of the photography experience here and offer up amazing views no matter what season you’re capturing the moment.


Explore Newberry National Volcanic Monument

Sunriver and Central Oregon are home to magnificent modern marvels and opportunities to vacation in style. However, these destinations are also rich in geological history and if you happen to be a photographer heading this way, there are plenty of opportunities to capture the story the terrain tells on camera. Sunriver and the surrounding areas feature acres of lava flow, including the Newberry National Volcanic Monument. Formed by collapsing magma chambers over time, this monument is a caldera that sprawls 17 square miles. Within the caldera, there are two lakes to explore including East Lake and Paulina Lake. The nearby Obsidian Trail is only half a mile but comes complete with jagged lava rock formations to admire and photograph as well. The Peer Skeen Ogden Trail is accessible from this location and provides easy access to waterfalls too. Between the lava rocks and water flow, there’s no shortage of dynamic terrain to take time to photograph along the way.


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