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Fun Things to Do In Sunriver Oregon: Skiing Safety

Sunriver, Oregon has a way of transforming from summertime oasis of sunshine into a winter wonderland of outdoor sports and fun things to do in Sunriver Oregon when the first snow falls! Known for pristine ski trails and slopes that beginners and advanced athletes love to shred, Sunriver is full of fun things to do and see when winter rolls around. While the excitement is high when the powder is fresh, it’s important to maintain an awareness of safety standards in order to keep a ski trip running smoothly. There are a few simple things you can do to make sure your ski trip to Sunriver keeps you seeking the thrills and far from any mountainside emergencies.


Take Some Time to Stretch

The most advanced skiers recognize that skiing is one of the best fun things to do in Sunriver that also tests the limits of your muscles. If you’ve never skied before, it doesn’t take long to feel stretch and strain in places you didn’t know even existed! While a little strain is normal, it’s important to avoid major muscle pulls when you hit the slopes. Before your first run, mindfully make time to stretch. This simple task has big results when it comes to avoiding strains that can put your entire trip on hold. A little stretch goes a long way towards conditioning your muscles for the adventure ahead!


Invest in a Great Jacket

Falling temperatures bring the snow that leads to downhill thrills, but lower temperatures can also lead to real safety concerns on the slopes. As your planning your ski vacation to Sunriver, make sure that a top-quality ski jacket is on the list. To avoid illness and exposure to dangerous elements it’s important that your ski jacket hold heat while whisking away moisture.


Learn to Layer

Staying safe on the slopes often comes down to learning to adjust to unpredictable scenarios. In the name of flexibility, do learn to layer your ski gear and clothing. Temperatures change as you make your way up and down the mountain. In order to adjust with fluctuating climates, be sure to layer your top jacket and pants with thermal ware underneath. Learning to layer helps skiers avoid overheating when temperatures rise and keeps you warm when unexpected cold fronts blow through.


Get Comfortable with Goggles

Your eyes are a precious commodity when it comes to exploring mountainside runs and nothing protects them better than a pair of high-quality ski goggles. Make sure to invest in a pair that seals well on your face and is sure to keep the cold air and harsh side-winds away from your eyes.


Rest and Relaxation Guaranteed After Enjoying Fun Things to Do In Sunriver!

Taking time to recognize slope-side safety leads to a successful day on the mountain. When you’ve had your fill, make sure to end your day in a vacation rental that’s customized to your taste and style. The team at Arrived is here to help you find the perfect property and make your getaway stay feel as comfortable as a cozy night at home. With a large selection of properties to choose from and options to personalize your stay with a spa, pool or pet-friendly residence, we’ll help pair you with a property that exceeds your expectations. Contact us today for more ideas of fun things to do in Sunriver Oregon and to book your vacation rental!

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