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San Juan Community Theater

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Savoring a San Juan Island getaway comes with a long list of varying expectations for travelers from near and far. For some travelers, a trip this direction means ample time on the water waiting for sightings of whales while others will find their happy place along Spring Street, shopping and dining in style. While many make their way this direction to indulge in the maze of hiking trails that await, San Juan Island also proves to be a place where photographers find endless inspiration. No matter what your travel interests or passion may be, making time to take in a performance at the San Juan Community Theater during your stay is bound to be a memorable moment.


On-Stage Talent and Inspiring Performances at the San Juan Community Theater

The San Juan Community Theater is situated at 100 2nd Street N. in fantastic Friday Harbor and is a family-friendly venue where artistry and creativity take to the stage in equal measure on a regular basis. The San Juan Community Theater is just as much a renowned performance center as it is the cultural heartbeat for San Juan Island. The theater’s mission is to provide guests with amazing on-stage performances, but also integrate its mission into local educational initiatives that support and inspire the arts in schools. Touring professional artists often make their way to the stage at the San Juan Island Community Theater throughout the year. As an added convenience, guests can book performance tickets at either Whittier Theater or Gubelman Theater. While Whittier is able to accommodate up to 275 guests at a time, Gubelman includes seating for up to 75. Many members of the San Juan Island community find that renting out these theaters is ideal for special events.


A Mission-Based in the Arts

The San Juan Community Theater first opened its doors to the public in 1989 and ever since has continued to grow its mission of enriching the community through the performing arts. The mission extends to performance enthusiasts of all ages and the sheer variety of performances provided to the public on an annual basis is enough to keep the intrigue in up and coming shows high. Past performances at the theater have included everything from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast to A Midsummer Night’s Dream. From The Wizard of Oz to The Addams Family, amazing performances continue to grace the stage at the San Juan Community Theater.


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