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Friday Harbor

Making the most of time away from the hectic pace of daily life comes down to picking that perfect vacation destination. For those that love to experience the best of the great outdoors and enjoy a feeling of off the beaten path adventure while savoring spectacular sights and flavors, there’s no place better to be than San Juan Island. Situated off the coast of the Pacific Northwest, San Juan Island has a way with capturing the minds and imaginations of locals and visitors alike. When you’re here and looking to dive into the heart of the island experience, be sure you set aside time to visit and explore the fascinating historic district known as Friday Harbor.


Shopping, Dining and Beyond at Friday Harbor

Friday Harbor is fondly referred to as the Gateway to the San Juan Islands, and for good reason. This one-mile seaport sits just beyond the docks and ferry landings on San Juan Island, but is the perfect place to head out in pursuit of greater archipelago adventures when you’re looking to experience a comprehensive getaway as well. For those that are planning on enjoying time in Friday Harbor specifically, there’s a lot in the way of fun, dining, and sightseeing that awaits.

Friday Harbor’s ideal waterside location makes it the perfect place to simply spend some time watching the boats come and go, but the many shops, galleries and restaurants that line the colorful and charming central streets are often too irresistible to pass up. When it comes to flavor, the many cafes and dining stops in San Juan Friday Harbor feature everything from fish and chips to savory catch of the day options with views of the water. The Market Chef Deli is a delightful stop for sandwiches in Friday Harbor while Friday’s Crabhouse is a vibrant and popular stop where music is often playing and the energy is high.

Those who enjoy shopping will want to focus their efforts around Spring Street. This area of Friday Harbor hosts a wide variety of bookstores, souvenir shops, art galleries and more that are sure to delight. Clothing and gifts can be found at just about every corner of Spring Street, making it a favorite for those that can’t wait to find that one-of-a-kind item to commemorate their San Juan Island escape.

Those visitors looking to combine educational and engaging experiences in Friday Harbor will be thrilled with a visit to the Whale Museum. Whale watching has long been an amazing opportunity on San Juan Island and this museum provides guests with displays and exhibits that highlight the importance of these marine mammals and their fragile ecosystems.


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