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You and your family are planning a fabulous trip to Palm Springs, but when you check out the price of the multiple hotel rooms you will need for the six of you, you think the vacation might have to wait until you win the lottery. Fear not, there are a few places where your whole brood can travel together, have privacy and have a private place to eat and relax. The vacation rental professionals at Arrived Now can help you find a Palm Springs vacation house that will make your family trip a perfect one!


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What We Offer at Your Palm Springs Vacation House

From the minute you walk in the door of your Palm Springs vacation house, you will know that you’ve made a wise decision. A spacious living room with a flat screen television is surrounded by comfortably furnished and tastefully decorated bedrooms. The kitchen comes packed with all the appliances, plates and silverware you will need to make and serve a fun family meal.
Many of our properties come equipped with swimming pools which provides a way for kids to burn off some energy before you head off to a museum or restaurant. Some homes come with decks where you can sit and enjoy a beautiful view of the mountains.
Our properties are in the most desirable neighborhoods in Palm Springs. No matter where your interests lie, you are certain to find something to do near your home away from home.

Palm Springs Air Museum

You and your family will love this interactive and fascinating museum. The price of admission will let you see fighter plans from both world wars. For an extra charge you can even take a ride on an old-fashioned plane.

Ruddy’s General Store Museum

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to be alive during The Great Depression, this museum will give you a good idea of what you might have found at the store in a small town in the 30’s. Here you will find everything from borax to Babe Ruth bars, all perfectly preserved.


Palm Springs has some of the best desert hiking trail in the country. You will find everything from easy trails to the famed Cactus to Cloud Trail, which is considered to be one of the most challenging hikes in the country.

Take a Windmill Tour

There are over 3000 windmills in Palm Springs that power over 200,000 homes. You and your family can learn how wind power works and catch a breeze in the process.