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All About Palm Spring’s History

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From its Hollywood glamour to its scenic appeal, Palm Springs has long been a beloved vacation destination for travelers from near and far. That said, Palm Springs history is packed with history that’s worth exploring while you’re visiting too! Here, we’ll take a brief look at the story behind how Palm Springs grew into the popular hot spot for travel that it is today.

Ancient Roots

Long before Palm Springs was dotted with upscale shops, restaurants, and golf courses, it was home to the Cahuilla people. Researchers put this tribe’s arrival in the Palm Springs area to around 2,000 years ago. The Cahuilla name for Palm Springs was Se-Khi which translates to boiling water. Today, petroglyphs and irrigation ditches crafted by the Cahuilla tribe can still be seen throughout the Indians Canyons, Chino, and Tahquitz areas.


European Arrivals

The history of Palm Springs estimates that the first Spanish explorers to begin settling in the Palm Springs area arrived in the early 1770s. By 1876, Southern Pacific Railroad lines were being built through the area to connect Palm Springs with a thriving commerce route. The early 1900s saw businesses flourishing across Palm Springs.


A Booming Tourist and Celebrity Destination

By the 1930s, Palm Springs had developed a reputation as a great getaway spot based on its idyllic weather and beautiful surroundings. Celebrities began fleeing to Palm Springs to get out of the glaring lights of Hollywood when they needed a break from all of the attention. As wealth and influence grew in Palm Springs, the city’s architecture took a turn for the incredibly unique. Today, visitors are still treated to an architectural scene that blends the past and present with just the right amount of glamour to hold it all together.


A Modern-Day Scenic California Retreat

These days, Palm Springs remains a vacation destination that’s loved for its versatility, beauty, and proximity to big city living too. Situated no more than 107 miles from Los Angeles, it’s an escape of sorts without being out of reach. A visit this way can still include a look back at celebrity homes of the past but can also be laced with upscale dining, delightful shopping stops and time relaxing and enjoying your surroundings if that’s preferred. From the Palm Springs Walk of Stars to stunning desert-scapes, it’s a place that has long thrilled and continues to do so.


Enjoy Your Palm Springs Adventure

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