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Palm Springs History

The Palm Springs that comes to mind today brings with it images of sunny skies, chic restaurants and shopping venues alongside Palm Tree-lined streets. A hub of culture, creativity and entertainment, Palm Springs is a place people go to enjoy life to the fullest. But as with all good things, the road leading to the Palm Springs of today was long and full of obstacles. Time and again Palm Springs history proves that the best things in life take time, and the area has come out on the other side of history in a spectacular way!

Palm Springs History

Palm Springs history can be dated back to nearly 2,000 years ago to the ancestors of the Agua Caliente Cahuilla tribe. During this time, they thrived as hunters, moving easily between mountain and desert terrains. The area recognized today as Indian Canyons provided an environment of thriving vegetation and water for survival. By 1853, explorers and officials began making their way through the tribal lands as they surveyed potential settlements and made particular note of the natural resources available including hot springs. With the arrival of these progressive pioneers came illnesses and tribal citizens in the area had to fight sickness they had never before encountered. As populations moved in, tribes continued to fight for their rights to maintain their land—a fight that would continue on through 1944.

Railroads Pave the Way

An official wagon route through present day Palm Springs brought an increase in population and attention. By 1877 Southern Pacific Railroad was given much of the area by the U.S. government to begin developing lines leading to the Pacific. Around the same time, the potential of the Coachella Valley came into view and by 1886 The Palm Springs Hotel was born.

Post-War Development

During World War II the desert surrounding the Palm Springs area was used by the U.S. government as a training facility and the airfield utilized by the military would eventually be transformed into Palm Spring’s regional airport. Today, the airport supports international flights and is a central hub in and out of the area.

In the years after the war, Palm Springs took on a reputation for glitz and glamour as hotels and restaurants blossomed and architects filled the city with innovative designs. Spas, resorts and entertainment brought in celebrities from near and far including Elvis, Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope just to name a few. Today, Palm Springs is still a place the stars like to vacation with its proximity to Hollywood, yet ability to provide a secluded getaway.

Palm Springs of Today

There is so much to be done in Palm Springs and an incredibly rich history waiting to be explored. When you come to Palm Springs, the professional staff at Arrived will make sure your vacation rental is customized to your visit. From spacious to cozy, rooms with a view to a kitchen Chefs dream of, we’ll make sure your experience is great. Contact us today to start planning your next trip and for more Palm Springs information.