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Waimea Valley

Having the tropical adventure of a lifetime begins with booking a trip to the stunning vacation destination of Hawaii. This collection of islands has spectacular landscapes, amazing options for entertainment and dining as well as an abundance of history and culture worth being a part of. For those travelers looking to experience the very best of Hawaii’s past and present, head to the area where the two inevitably collide in the form of Oahu’s incredible Waimea Valley.


An Icon of the North Shore

Waimea Valley is a place that encompasses one of the most dynamic regions of Oahu, but also comes with the added benefit of being a place saturated with historical relevance. For thousands of years, Polynesian voyagers viewed the Waimea Valley as a religiously significant site due to its captivating collection of valleys, canyons, volcanoes, and incredible waterways. It was in the Waimea Valley that dedications and rituals to a variety of gods took place with the belief that the earth itself would carry messages to the divine. Today, much of the Waimea Valley in Oahu is protected land as the Hawaiian government and individual groups work to make sure the history, culture and natural legacy of this rich area live on for years to come.


Landmarks not to Miss

While the Waimea Valley is packed with potential for amazing encounters with natural wonders, the Waimea Valley Falls is one of those sites you just can’t miss while you’re here. Considered one of the most enjoyable and scenic hikes in Oahu, guests trek only a mile from the trailhead to reach a beautiful cascade view in the valley. Take pictures and soak up the scene but if you’re in the mood for a quick dip in the water that’s an option too with the aid of a life jacket. Waimea Falls host an on-site botanical garden as well which gives visitors a chance to take a closer look at the plants and flowers that are indigenous to this area. Whether you’re planning a visit that focuses on the hike, plants or religious past, Waimea Valley is a dynamic stop that will leave you inspired.


Waimea Valley Oahu Hawaii Awaits

From Oahu to the Big Island, Hawaii is a place that’s perfect for travelers looking to make the most of their journey. Let the team at Arrived help you get settled in amazing accommodations during your stay. Contact us today for more details on our many property options and to start planning your trip!

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