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Ko Olina Lagoons

Dynamic landscapes, incredible dining, and cultural and historical excursions have long defined a trip to Hawaii for many travelers from around the globe. Whether you’re a visitor that can’t wait to get out on the water or something that savors every moment spent at a vibrant Luau, Hawaii promises to be a place that caters to those with a sense of travel adventure. On the other hand, it’s also a vacation destination for the traveler looking for time away from the hustle and bustle of life. Hawaii is teeming with time designed to be spent relaxing and rejuvenating in a space of tranquility. If your travel plans bring you to Oahu and you’re searching for a serene moment or two, be sure to find your way to the Ko Olina Lagoons at some point during your stay.


Designed to Inspire the Senses

In the 1980s, designers and architects began to play with the idea of maximizing the beauty of Oahu’s landscape to create a space of total tranquility for visitors and locals. Out of these ideas came the concrete plans to build the Ko Olina Lagoons. It was decided that the best location for the lagoons would be the western coast of Oahu and would be integrated into the Marriott Beach Resort. Today, visitors to the lagoons are free to wander the pedestrian pathways that lead to the crescent-shaped bodies of water. While the resort is private property, the lagoons are open to the public and designed to encourage time spent simply observing, relaxing and meditation in scenery that speaks to calm, peace and quiet.


Ko Olina Lagoons Oahu – Incredible Extras for Guests

While the Ko Olina Lagoons in Oahu are stunning to witness, their beauty is only enhanced by learning the extra steps taken to ensure they are a one-of-a-kind destination for visitors. As you hop from one crescent lagoon to the next, guests will be delighted to learn that the sand that fills these coves was specifically imported from neighboring islands that boast the sugar-white hue that pleases the eye. While the eternally calm waters at the lagoons are easy to enjoy, take time to notice the stone walls that are specifically designed to keep the surface still even during significant tide changes.


Enjoy Every Hawaiian Moment

Whether you’re here for the adventure or can’t wait to unwind in tropical style, the team at Arrived has your back when it comes to booking those amazing island accommodationsContact us today for details and to start planning!


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