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Far from the stresses of daily life, the beautiful Hawaiian Islands await, beckoning to travelers looking for a piece of paradise on which to relax, unwind and enjoy a vacation to the fullest. Whether you’re a traveler that can’t wait to take to the waves on a surfboard or one who loves to shop, dine and explore cultural sites from the moment you wake up to the moment you sleep, a stay along Oahu’s Waikiki beach is sure to inspire. This vibrant and exciting destination is just the place to savor the sights and sounds of the island while also enjoying moments of peace and tranquility that comes with a side of an amazing view. Guests wake up each and every morning of their stay to the sound of the waves when they book 2 bedroom vacation rentals in Oahu with the help of the team at Arrived.

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Where Ocean and Sand Collide

Oahu has a way with scenery and guests that book a 2-bedroom rental with Arrived along the shores of Waikiki are in for a truly spectacular treat. Many of these small vacation rentals come equipped with a private and spacious balcony from which to soak up the view and enjoy a preferred beverage with the sound of the waves in your ears. Keeping you close to those Waikiki landmarks you can’t wait to explore, our 2-bedroom rentals also provide a peaceful retreat to enjoy when you’re looking to cozy up and rest. Many of these rentals are designed with open concept living in mind and provide access to wi-fi during a stay, making it easy to share vacation photos at the touch of a button. Many of our 2-bedroom rentals include large windows or sliding glass doors to make the most of the light and of course, frame a view that keeps you inspired from the moment you arrive. While access to wi-fi is convenient for photo-sharing, many of our properties are outfitted with large televisions as well, meaning after a day of adventure, guests are free to plan a cozy night in and stream their favorite movies and shows in great company! Stay up to date with the latest happenings in the world while simultaneously enjoying that delicious feeling of seclusion that comes with a trip to Oahu.

Tasteful and island-inspired furnishings are common in our 2 bedroom vacation rentals in Oahu which also include comprehensive kitchens for those evenings when you’re more in the mood for a home-cooked meal. Furnishings in our 2-bedrooms rentals range from plush sofas and accompanying armchairs to loveseats and decorative coffee tables and area rugs. In addition, guests will find that many of these home away from homes include decorative wall art and accent décor that reflects the beauty of the island, making sure to remind guests that the very best of nature is never far away. Where large windows allow for plenty of light flow in the morning, comfortable bedding makes it simple to get a great night’s rest. Bedrooms in our 2-bed rentals are often spacious and make it easy to settle in as soon as you arrive.

Explore the Island

When you’re not cozied up in your small vacation rental, getting out and exploring the island is an absolute must for all travelers. When you’re ready to see one of the most popular sites, lace up your boots and head over to the Diamond Head Crater Trail. This exciting and challenging route takes hikers up to the rim where stunning views await.

Entrance to the trail is $2 per person for independent hikes but guided hiking experiences are always available as well. Plan on spending at least 30 minutes reaching the rim, but once you do, you’ll definitely want to linger awhile. Here, hikers can enjoy sweeping views of the ocean and all of Waikiki. Bring your camera and your sense of adventure when you make your way up Diamond Head Crater trail!

Just as fun during a trip this direction might be making time on the itinerary for a trip to the North Shore. This iconic area is known and loved by surfers worldwide for the spectacular and heart-pounding waves that can be found. If you’ve got the skills, try your luck on the water, but if you’re not quite there yet, this makes for an amazing place to simply sit back, relax and watch the experts at work!

When a day of fun has left you with an appetite to attend to, make your way to Duke’s Waikiki for a mai tai and a meal. Whether you’re in the mood for coconut shrimp or Huli Huli chicken, a stop at Duke’s is sure to please. More in the mood for a drink? Check your shoes, sink your toes in the sand and make your way to the bar where handcrafted cocktails are calling your name.

Savor Your Small Vacation Rentals

When you’re ready to experience Hawaii for yourself, make sure the team at Arrived has your accommodations handled. Contact us today for more information on our portfolio of Oahu vacation rental options available.