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Top Reasons to Go on a Kauai Luxury Vacation

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If a Kauai luxury vacation isn’t the vacation on your dream list, it should be now. The Garden Island is lush and bursting with life. When you’re here, you’ll find plenty of time to get outside and do all those activities you always dreamed about, like surfing and snorkeling. On Kaua’i, learning a new skill or a new sport is easy.


For the Greenery

We all think of Hawaii as the land of clean sand beaches, pure waters and cliffs covered in greenery. Kaua’i is that multiplied over and over again. This island is covered in trees and ferns and all sorts of tropical flowers. There are towering green cliffs dashed by waves and waterfalls deep in the rainforest. It’s obvious why this island was named “Garden Island.”

When you’re here, opportunities abound to get outside and take part in Kauai activities. For starters, hike around Kokee State Park, kayak the Wailua River and snorkel at Poipu Beach.


To Relax

This is the place you go when you want to sit back, relax and have a slower-paced Kauai luxury vacation. It lacks the kind of nightlife bustle of Honolulu. The two-lane highway is a dead giveaway.

The island’s big tourism focus is outdoor recreation. With so many places to rent bikes, kayaks, paddleboards, surfboards and so many hiking trails, waterfalls and swimming holes, there’s no question why.


Get Outside for These Kauai Activities

But what it lacks in city life, it makes up for several fold in the number of kayaking, hiking, trail running and paddleboarding opportunities. This is the perfect place to get outside. There are plenty of places to rent kayaks, paddleboards and bikes and to learn to surf and climb and rappel down waterfalls.

We highly recommend renting a scooter or motorcycle and taking a highway tour of the coast. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to stop and explore along the way. And that’s exactly what you should do on Kaua’i.

Don’t wait to start planning your trip to Kauai, call us today to learn about more Kauai activities and to book one of our vacation rentals!

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