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Small Town Coffee – Hawaiian Coffee in Kaua’i

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Small Town Coffee may resemble a bright red mini-bus converted into an outdoor café in the parking lot of a laundromat in Kapa`a, but don’t let the outward appearance fool you. Sure, it is a bright red mini-bus converted into a food truck window serving delicious hawaiian coffee in Kaua’i, but it is also so much more. Behind the magical counter in the belly of the bus is a treasure trov8e of organic coffees, breakfast bagels, baked goods, and veggie-friendly fare. The food is delicious, the staff is friendly, and the coffee is quite simply out of this world. Come see why this is one of the most popular local coffee spots in all of Kaua‘i!


The Menu – Hawaiian Coffee in Kaua’i

Small Town Coffee features gourmet Hawaiian coffee in Kaua’i, the Hawaiian Islands, and the globe. You can enjoy a Kaua‘i Blue Mountain brew brimming with fruity freshness; a Kona coffee with its world-renowned robust flavor, smoothness, and low acidity; or an exotic Ethiopian blend that is bursting with exotic flavors and earthy notes from oceans away. Or, opt for one of their delicious, expertly poured (and handcrafted) espresso drinks like a velvety latte, foamy cappuccino, or silky mocha. You can also try an exotic coffee drink lightly flavored with the floral notes of hibiscus flower, the earthy tones of a bright green matcha latte, or the dusky and sumptuous notes of a lavender latte. Their cold brew and iced coffees are a popular choice on a sunny Kaua‘i afternoon, and are sure to cure all that ails you. If you are hungry – and we recommend that you are – they feature a delicious selection of fresh baked goods including a variety of bagels (we love the jalapeno cheese bagel) and cream cheese spreads. For a lighter or healthier breakfast, grab an acai bowl or some granola with fresh papaya. Small Town features a wide selection of plant-based milks (oat milk with granola is surprisingly good) making it an ideal coffee spot for vegans and vegetarians.



Enjoy your coffee and breakfast on their scenic patio, sculpted from the parking lot and decorated with ferns, shade umbrellas, a wooden deck, a relaxing koi pond, and even the obligatory wild chickens roaming free (don’t worry, they are friendly!). There is even a massive fiberglass shark that makes for great photo-ops, assuming you can put your delicious coffee down long enough to pose (we think you will manage). We promise, not only will you be back for more, you’ll want to spend the whole day here, making new friends and enjoying delicious Hawaiian coffee in Kaua’i.

Located on Kuhio Highway in Kapa`a, they are open daily from 6am to 4pm. Contact us today to book your next vacation rental!

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