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Hutson Museum

Looking for fun things to do in Hood River? Consider taking a lovely day trip to nearby Parkdale, a small historic town on the slopes of Mount Hood or Hutson Museum? It’s a great place to learn more about the history of the region, as well as enjoy some breathtaking views along the way.


Why Not Take the Train?

Though you can certainly drive there, you’ll definitely want to consider heading to Parkdale the old-fashioned way: with a ride on the Mount Hood Railroad. The train line was established in 1910, in order to bring lumber needed to construct the old general store. While the old store is gone, there’s plenty of history in Parkdale to attract your attention, and the 22-mile train ride is a great leisurely way to enjoy your day trip. Lunches are available for order when you make your reservations on the website.


Hutson Museum

Hutson Museum is a little gem located on a two-acre National Historic Site at the southern terminus of the Mount Hood Railroad. Just step off the train and straight into history! What began as a display of family rock collections in the years following World War II has these days evolved into a fascinating and eclectic exhibition of a variety of items, telling the story of Oregon in a unique way. You’ll explore the original rock and mineral collections of the Hutson family, alongside Native American artifacts, vintage military items from the two World Wars, and all kinds of Oregon memorabilia from decades past. The museum is staffed by volunteers who are passionate about Oregon history and will be happy to answer all your questions. Next to the Hutson museum, you’ll find a small botanical garden filled with native plants of the region. This is the kind of local family museum you’ll only find in a treasure of a small town! And with entrance fees of only a dollar, it’s quite a deal.


Fruit Season

The slopes of Mount Hood are renowned for growing some of the world’s best apples, along with cherries, peaches, pears, and other stone fruits. If you do visit Parkdale by car, consider a stop at one of the many fine orchards along the way for some fresh produce! Pack it up, and enjoy a picnic once you make it to Parkdale. It’s truly a part of the Oregon experience!

Visit the Hutson Museum at 4967 Baseline Drive, Mount Hood, OR 97041 or reach out to them at (541)352-6808. For more information of the best accommodation in Hood River or for tips on fun activities, events and attractions, reach out to our team of experts.

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