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All About Hood River History

Situated in the heart of Hood River County, Hood River, Oregon is a beautiful and welcoming destination. It’s a place that nearly 8,000 people call home year-round and droves of travelers choose as a vacation location each and every year as well. Those who head to Hood River do so in the name of outdoor recreation, indoor entertainment, and plenty of shopping and dining to match. But for all of the activities and attractions Hood River hosts, it’s also a destination brimming over with rich history. The following is brief Hood River history that details the stories that led to it being the popular place for travelers it is today.


Early Settlement

Long before European settlers made their way to Hood River, First Nation Tribes called the lush lands home. It wasn’t until Lew and Clark led their expedition through the area in October of 1805 that settlement possibilities took hold. While exploring present-day Hood River, the Lewis and Clark expedition came across a camp known as Waucoma which translated into place of big trees. The camp became a central hub for settlement as it was located conveniently near the Columbia River and the Dog River.


Founding Town Members

An early pioneer resident by the name Mary Coe was never a fan of the name Dog River. So much so in fact that she petitioned for the name to be changed as soon as possible to Hood River. History shows the name Hood River showing up on maps as of 1856 and remaining in place ever since. As Hood River’s residents continue to increase, political separation became a reality, and it was officially set apart as its own city in June of 1908.


The Growth of Hood River’s Economy

Mary Coe and her husband Nathaniel were some of the first to file a land claim in Hood River and began to plant fruit trees in the rich river valley. These trees thrived and it didn’t take long for others to take notice. Between 1890 and 1920, apple orchards became synonymous with Hood River and helped the economy to grow significantly. When a deep freeze of 1919 caused massive orchard destruction, farmers took the opportunity to replace apple trees with pear trees. Today, Hood River still leads in Anjou Pear production!


Modern Day Hood River

While the fruit focus certainly brings many people to Hood River today, the city has become a vibrant destination with many activities for guests to enjoy. Travelers to Hood River often take time to explore local waterfalls, drive the Historic Columbia River Highway Scenic Byway, enjoy time on Mount Hood, hike, bike, and windsurf alike!


Make the Most of Your Stay

There’s no reason to wait when you’re ready to enjoy Hood River. Reach out to the team at Arrived today to book your ideal accommodations when you want comfort, style, and convenience to define your stay.

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