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Double Mountain Brewery and Taproom

Hood River has a way of showing visitors how to best appreciate the great outdoors. Tucked snuggly within the Columbia River Gorge, Hood River is a lush woodland that calls to those looking for a getaway with a mountain view. Luckily, where there is a view, flavor often closely follows. Perhaps one of the best ways to enjoy this natural hideaway is by indulging in the regionally brewed favorites that originate in Oregon. Double Mountain Brewery and Taproom is an exciting and lively locale that brings guests a taste of Hood River while serving up a side of musical fun!


Local Taste

Double Mountain Brewery in Hood River location creates a vibrant space for guests to gather together and enjoy the regional creations served up to them in a frothy glass. Renowned for their extensive use of hops, the crew at Double Mountain Brewery utilizes a vast number of local suppliers in the area when it comes to giving their beer that extra boost. Along with an impressive selection of beers to choose from, Double Mountain Brewery also provides a savory menu for those looking to compliment their brews with a bite. Choose from a tasty line up of brick oven pizzas delivering everything from extra cheese to Jersey Pie. Don’t forget your greens and make sure to sample a fresh Greek salad or baby spinach combination. Sandwiches are also on the menu with choices that range from BLT’s to meatball subs. Kid friendly options remain on the menu until 9 pm most nights but the chocolate chip cookies are always available for the taking.


Sips and Music at Double Mountain Brewery

Nothing beats a night filled with great brews and music. To honor this tradition, Double Mountain Brewery regularly hosts local artists for live entertainment. Performing everything from country to acoustic, the event calendar is as diverse as the beer list. With its rustic charm, exposed wood-beams and delicious offerings, you won’t want to miss any live music event hosted at Double Mountain.


Menu Must-Try Items

With a beer list that features four household names provided year-round, guests will be pleased to find these four favorites are joined by a wide selection of other options. With seasonal and experimental flavors making their way through the establishment, there’s an element of surprise with every opportunity to order. Beer by the bottle comes wrapped in a number of unique labels including Devil’s Kriek, Dry Cider and The Vaporizer. While some flavors are experimental, all come with a sense of adventure and are worth a try when you drop by Double Mountain Brewery in Hood River.

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