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Must-Pack Items for a Hood River Vacation

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Hood River is a highlight destination for anyone who loves to ski. With a variety of steep slopes, scenic views and great snowy weather, there’s nothing quite like it when you’re looking for a getaway that comes with wintery thrills. When you’re Oregon-bound in the name of mountain top fun it’s important to make sure you have all the ski essentials with you. Nothing ruins a vacation like a ski trip turned frigid upon realizing your jacket just won’t cut it. Here are a few things to remember to pack when you go on your Hood River vacation!


Important Clothing Items

A quality pair of ski gloves may just be the most important part of your winter sport ensemble. Your hands are extremely involved in Hood River Oregon things to do and without the proper gloves, can be exposed to some extreme and dangerous temperatures. Alternatively, gloves that aren’t suited for winter sports can lead to excessive and uncomfortable sweat. Make sure your gloves are both breathable and warm for a comfortable skiing experience.

When it comes to ski jackets, layering is key. Make sure to invest in thermal shirts underneath waterproof top coats. This provides an easy way to adjust to changing temperatures and stay dry while you ski. Along those same lines, thermal underwear is a must-have item on the slopes as they provide warmth while wicking away sweat.


Safety First Essentials

While your Hood River vacation is bound to be exhilarating, it’s always best to be prepared for unexpected injuries. Carrying a small first-aid kit in your ski bag is highly advisable. This will keep small cuts or scraps from becoming more of an issue on the slopes. In the event of problems arising requiring greater assistance, always keep a trail map specific to your slopes handy. These list contact numbers for ski patrol as well as areas to avoid and how you can reach the nearest clinic if it’s necessary. Taking steps to pack these small but significant items can gives you peace of mind when you begin your downhill fun.


Memory Makers

Ski vacations are for sharing and when you return home, you’re going to want to let everyone know just how you shred the slopes this season. Make sure to pack a mobile camera like a GoPro. Devices like this allow you to record your adventures hands-free and capture some stunning footage as you make your way down the mountain.


Finding a Home for Hood River Vacation

Having all the right equipment and gear makes for a stress-free, fun-filled Hood River ski adventure. When the time comes to leaves the slopes, make sure you’re heading to a vacation rental that’s set up to create the most comfortable and luxurious getaway possible. The team of experts at Arrived is here to find the perfect property for your Hood River vacation. With a huge selection of homes, cabins and condos, there’s a vacation rental waiting that fits your every need. Contact us today to start planning your trip and to learn more about Hood River Oregon things to do!

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